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Business social media wall

Digital Bulletin Board Ultimate Guide:
Create, Share, and Engage!

Introduction Have you ever walked past a bulletin board in your office and wondered if there's a more creative way to share information? You're…

Explore digital bulletin board ultimate guide:
create, share, and engage!

Tips and Insights for Choosing
the Perfect Player Device!

Have you ever considered the possibilities of displaying dynamic menus in your restaurant, providing information to patients in a clinic waiting room, or boosting…

Explore tips and insights for choosing
the perfect player device!
Server Data Center

Explore Cloud Digital Signage,
On Premise & Hybrid Solutions

Here's how to choose the licensing model that best fits your needs In the evolving landscape of digital signage, Navori Labs provides an array…

Explore explore cloud digital signage,
on premise & hybrid solutions
Logo Android

Why is Android OS a Good Choice for Your Digital Signage Needs?

The Benefits of Android Digital Signage For those embarking on a digital signage venture, Android digital signage is a compelling option. Its significant market…

Explore why is android os a good choice for your digital signage needs?
Logo Android

Why are Android Media Players so Popular for Digital Signage?

Android media players are grabbing an increasingly large portion of the digital signage market while Windows PCs are relegated to the video walls and…

Explore why are android media players so popular for digital signage?
Lg Webos

Navori Releases a Player App for LG Digital Signage Player

Navori releases its proprietary Navori Player software for 4K/UHD- and HDR-capable Digital Signage Displays from LG LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, September 25, 2019 - Navori announces…

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Interactive signage

Interactive Digital Signage
Software Explained

The advent of interactivity in digital signage Back when digital signage software first hit the market, available displays were based on cathode ray tube…

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software explained

Dive Into Outdoor Digital Signage

The Rise of Outdoor Digital Signage Outdoor signs are extremely important for businesses. They are used to reinforce branding, promote products and services, or…

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Navori and Aquaji software

Use Out-of-home screens and Monetize your Business

Digital signage systems have been used for decades to convey information or marketing messages that draw the eye and engage potential customers. Monetizing your…

Explore use out-of-home screens and monetize your business
Navori and Aquaji software

Top Digital Signage Trends for 2024

Digital signage’s popularity keeps growing and it seems likely this trend will continue. Case in point, digital signage software, and hardware companies are reporting…

Explore top digital signage trends for 2024

How Retail Digital Signage Works

Digital signage software fulfills three main needs: Retail digital signage immediately welcomes shoppers upon their entry into the store. Furthermore, this impact extends beyond…

Explore how retail digital signage works

5 ways to improve viewer engagement

Digital screens are becoming increasingly popular for generating viewer engagement. From retail stores to entertainment venues, digital signage is changing the way businesses communicate…

Explore 5 ways to improve viewer engagement
Navori Accesscontrol To Measure Store Occupation

In-Store Advertising Software for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Retailers, merchants, and brand owners face a growing battle on many fronts. While everyone’s talking about the negative impact of e-commerce on in-store sales,…

Explore in-store advertising software for brick-and-mortar retailers
drive through menu boards

A Digital Menu Board Content – Keep it simple!

Being a digital marketing executive, I constantly seek innovative ways to upsell and promote products to customers. With numerous technology-based solutions available, it's challenging…

Explore a digital menu board content – keep it simple!
On-Premise Digital Signage Software Still Has It’s Place

On-Premise Digital Signage Software Still Has It’s Place

In today's evolving digital landscape, cloud-based software solutions often steal the spotlight when it comes to digital signage software. However, amidst the ever-growing popularity…

Explore on-premise digital signage software still has it’s place
DOOH Advertising

Programmatic Advertising and Supply Side Platforms for DooH

What is digital programmatic advertising? Programmatic advertising (including programmatic DooH advertising) relies on digital signage networks to reach specific audiences with relevant messages. It…

Explore programmatic advertising and supply side platforms for dooh
Navori Mobile GUI

Smartphone Control for Digital Signage

Control your Digital Signage using a smartphone Navori Mobile is Navori’s localized content management tool that runs on smartphones and tablets. The software is…

Explore smartphone control for digital signage
corporate digital signage

Integrate Navori Digital Signage Software with any 3rd party system

Incorporate Navori Digital Signage Software seamlessly with any third-party system In today's digital world, businesses need to grab people's attention everywhere. Digital signage software…

Explore integrate navori digital signage software with any 3rd party system
Drive Thru QSR Digital Menu Board

What Makes a Great Drive Through Digital Menu Board?

Drive-thru Digital Menu Boards Drive by any quick-service restaurant and you will find an array of digital displays on pylons, in front of buildings,…

Explore what makes a great drive through digital menu board?
Meeting room occupancy screen smart buiding

Meeting Room Scheduling Solutions

Meeting Room Signage Businesses are increasingly using meeting room signage to improve communication. This signage displays up-to-date information about meetings and events, helping employees…

Explore meeting room scheduling solutions
Times Square

Font Distribution Down to Digital Signage Media Players

The modern world would not exist without fonts.  The fact is, fonts are essential to non-verbal communication whether it’s in print, online or on…

Explore font distribution down to digital signage media players
Retail Window Interactive Digital Signage Brisbane

Where to Use Interactive Digital Signage

Audience engagement is key The introduction of touch-enabled displays has created a whole new segment.  It’s called interactive digital signage. Touchscreens mimic a technology…

Explore where to use interactive digital signage
Digital Bulletin Board Ultimate Guide Create, Share, and Engage!

Top Digital Signage Software

Digital signage has been around for about 15 years and since then we have seen an explosion of hardware and software products developed specifically…

Explore top digital signage software
MRT Metro Manilla signage

How To Unlock the Power of Video Walls and Multi-Screen Signage

About video walls and multiscreen for digital signage Video walls and multiscreen setups introduces a new dimension of visual engagement and storytelling to any…

Explore how to unlock the power of video walls and multi-screen signage

Synchronizing Content Across
Multiple Players: How Does it Work?

Understanding Multiple Players Content Sync As customers move through a retail space, queue up for service, or dine at a restaurant, synchronized content cultivates…

Explore synchronizing content across
multiple players: how does it work?
Meeting room occupancy screen smart buiding

Enhancing Workplace Efficiency with
Meeting Room Occupancy Screens

How do Meeting Room Occupancy Screens work? A meeting room occupancy screen is a digital display located outside meeting rooms or conference spaces. That…

Explore enhancing workplace efficiency with
meeting room occupancy screens
Multi screen display

What is a Digital Display?

A digital screen is an electronic device that displays multimedia content to an audience. This content can be anything from multimedia presentations to simple…

Explore what is a digital display?
LED signage

What is LED signage?

LED displays utilize an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels to create a flat panel video display. Their brightness enables outdoor usage, making them…

Explore what is led signage?
Save on energy costs with QL’s screen management features

Save on energy costs with QL’s hardware management features

Europe is currently in the middle of an energy crisis, with many countries facing power shortages and increased energy costs. In response, businesses are…

Explore save on energy costs with ql’s hardware management features
Digital Signage be Used

What is a Video Wall?

Video walls are multi-screen setups comprised of multiple monitors, TVs or displays that are tiled together to create one large display. The number of…

Explore what is a video wall?
Data Feeds supported by QL

Using Live Data Feeds in your Digital Signage Content

What’s the biggest challenge digital signage content creators face today? Having the time and resources to consistently publish fresh digital signage content.When your digital…

Explore using live data feeds in your digital signage content

How to Evaluate Digital Signage Software During a Free Trial

Let’s be honest. There is no such thing as a free lunch. While there are many digital signage software offerings that claim to be…

Explore how to evaluate digital signage software during a free trial
Digital Sigange CMS

Understanding How a Digital Signage Software System Works

The Digital Signage Server Software Your digital signage software system must perform all these tasks as efficiently and reliably as possible. To achieve this,…

Explore understanding how a digital signage software system works
Paris Champs elysees Club Mediterranee videowall 24 screens

Native Versus Non-Native Digital Signage Player Software

In the multimedia industry, you'll find two main types of digital signage player software: Native software applications, such as the Navori Engine, VLC, video…

Explore native versus non-native digital signage player software

Multi-Player, Multi-OS Synchronization

When you install many screens in the same area, you need to keep in mind how content will be viewed. If you plan to…

Explore multi-player, multi-os synchronization
System On Chip Software

System on Chip Compatible Player Software

System-on-chip Compatible Player Software In digital signage terms, system on chip or SoC, refers to standalone player devices embedded in a digital signage screen. …

Explore system on chip compatible player software
System On Chip Software

What is an SoC (System on a Chip) Screen for Digital Signage?

What is System on a Chip (SOC)? The acronym SoC refers to the term "System on a Chip". System on a chip refers to…

Explore what is an soc (system on a chip) screen for digital signage?
conference room digital signage

The Benefits of Conference Room
Digital Signage

Partnerships and meetings are vital components of any business, but communicating important information to attendees can be difficult. Conference room digital signage can be…

Explore the benefits of conference room
digital signage
Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu Boards
Are No Longer Optional For QSR

Why restaurants use digital menu boards? A digital menu board, whether indoors or outdoors, is a dynamic and smart display system used by restaurants,…

Explore digital menu boards
are no longer optional for qsr
Navori Ipr Module

What is Insane Playback Rendering?

What’s “Insane Player Rendering (IPR)”? Navori recently introduced a new player add-on called IPR for “insane player rendering”.  The purpose of this software was…

Explore what is insane playback rendering?
Stadium Bell Center Montreal Digital Menu Board

Indoor Digital Menu Boards: How They Work

In recent years, all fast-food restaurants have switched from printed signs to digital menu boards inside their restaurants. More recently still, the appearance of…

Explore indoor digital menu boards: how they work
transportation status board

Modern Airport Digital Signage Solutions Powered By Navori App

Providing travelers with a stress-free experience Airport screens are powered by an app like Navori used to manage and display content on screens located…

Explore modern airport digital signage solutions powered by navori app
Content Synchronization

How to Use Digital Signage

With digital signage projects there’s a thin line between failure and success. Why is that? To better answer this question, we must go back…

Explore how to use digital signage
Burger King Digital Menu Board

Digital Displays for Restaurants

QSR Industry Key Metrics With sales of $783 billon US*, the restaurant industry represents one of the largest potential market for digital signage. There…

Explore digital displays for restaurants
Stadium Bell Center Montreal Digital Menu Board

Video Walls and Multi-Screen Signage Scenarios

Many digital menu boards, digital signage video walls, and multi-screen installations rely on a single PC equipped with a multi-output PC/graphic card running digital…

Explore video walls and multi-screen signage scenarios
Drive thru Digital Menu Boards: How They Work - Navori Labs

How Drive Thru Digital Menu Boards Work?

What is a drive-thru digital menu and why is it widely used? A drive-thru digital menu board is a dynamic display installed typically near…

Explore how drive thru digital menu boards work?
Template Corp Coms Video Weather And Room Occupation

Using digital signage templates to create engaging content

People who are familiar with digital signage understand the importance of compelling and engaging content. Some may even go so far as to say…

Explore using digital signage templates to create engaging content
Banking Signage

Digital Signage for Banks and Financial Institutions

Visit a retail bank and you'll see video walls and large flat-panel displays, similar to those used in fashion stores for decades. Banks and…

Explore digital signage for banks and financial institutions
Digital Signage For Schools

Digital Signage Software for Libraries

Why Public libraries Use Digital Signage Public libraries have been undergoing a massive technology shift, and digital signage is playing a big role in…

Explore digital signage software for libraries

Enhancing, Promote and Streamline
Operations Using Hotel Signage

Here’s why most hotels now use Digital Signage Hotels to use digital signage include enhancing guest experiences with dynamic and interactive information, promoting on-site…

Explore enhancing, promote and streamline
operations using hotel signage
BrightSign Players

Have You Ever Heard Of Brightsign Digital Signage?

Brightsign Digital Signage Anyone who’s been around digital signage over the last 15+ years will instantly recognize the little purple BrightSign players that you…

Explore have you ever heard of brightsign digital signage?