Video Walls and Multi-Display Signage Scenarios

Video Walls and Multi-Display Signage Scenarios

Many digital menu boards, digital signage video walls, and multi-display installations are driven by a single PC running digital signage player software equipped with a multi-output PC / graphic card. Each video output is assigned to a screen and managed through a single QL Player license.

In these types of installations, each display retains its native resolution either full HD (1080p) or 4k. QL Player is certified for the smooth playback of three native 4K videos with frame-accurate synchronization. The total resolution is 15360 x 2160 pixels representing 12 screens running a 1080P native resolution.

Native software players such as Navori QL can fully support multiple screens. In practice, it renders a video clip running in 1080p while only using 5% of the PC’s CPU capacity. This software product accesses the hardware at a “low level.

Recommended hardware configuration

Windows PC comparable to IBASE SI60-E or a standard PC using the latest generation Intel i7 processor equipped with 32GB of RAM and an SSD storage drive. One or two AMD Firepro W600 graphics cards.

GPU features used in digital signage for video walls and multi-display

  • Group multiple screens into a single virtual display of up to 10,000 pixels. This feature dramatically improves graphics performance and preserves your screen layouts. It comes standard with QL digital signage software.
  • Bezel compensation: When two screens are placed one beside the other, this feature helps compensate for the thickness of the bezel frames.
  • Image overlap compensation: When using projectors in multi-screen mode, the video zones of each projector are superimposed to obtain a perfect match.
  • Extended Display Identification Data (EDID): This lets you simulate the screen’s state (such as screen “on” whether screens are powered on or not). This is useful if the PC player is rebooted or if there is a power failure and the screens are turned off.

QL is a native video wall and multi-display player featuring the most advanced capabilities.