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Navori Player App for Philips

Get an Immersive Experience With Navori Player App for Philips

Performance index: 90 /100

The benefits

Navori Player enhances the effectiveness and streamlines the setup of digital signage when used with Philips Digital Signage Displays featuring System-on-Chip (SoC) technology. This combination integrates Navori Player’s advanced content management with Philips’ SoC displays’ inherent efficiency and simplicity.

Philips Professional Displays equipped with SoC technology are all-in-one digital signage solutions, reducing the need for external players and simplifying installation and maintenance. These displays are renowned for their high-quality images and reliability, making them ideal for various digital signage applications. When paired with Navori Player, they elevate their performance, delivering sharp, dynamic content that engages viewers.

Navori Player is compatible with Philips’ D-Line, P-Line, and T-Line SoC screens, and you can quickly obtain Navori Player for these Philips screens through the Navori Content Manager interface.

Philips screens can display 4K content and handle complex content, including interactive features.

Navori Player software provides comprehensive control over the hardware, enabling remote updates and screen power management.

Since 2015, Navori has maintained a global partnership with Philips, offering software compatibility with all models released since 2019.

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Philips Pros and Cons


  • High performance and efficient SoC screen in handling and playing rich multimedia content in 4K
  • Navori software controls the screen remotely for adjustments
  • Its performance will allow this screen to evolve in parallel with the Navori software


  • Portrait playback is not supported

Considering Navori App to run on another hardware?

No problem, Navori is featuring full interoperability, regardless of the hardware you use.

Features available on Philips!

Media Type and Related Features Availability – Attribute

Navori Player seamlessly skips content and alerts the user in charge whenever the hardware does not support a feature or media. The software offers complete interoperability.