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Built-in Lift-and-learn

Engage Retail Customers With ‘Lift and Learn’ for an Informative Experience

Retailers are embracing new ways to enhance the in-store experience like the Navori powered ‘lift and learn’ technology

Identify the needs and pitfalls of lift-and-learn for digital signage

The goal of lift and learn is to make shopping more fun and informative for customers. Businesses want to let customers touch and lift products, which then show useful info on screens. This tech makes shopping interactive and personalized, giving customers quick access to details, prices, and related items.

But, there can be problems when setting up lift-and-learn systems, especially with the tech side. Making sure everything works smoothly between the objects, sensors, and screens can be tricky, and it might affect how reliable the system is. That’s why Navori provides software that works with all sorts of hardware and an API to connect RFID sensors for this purpose.

Why Retailers Use Lift-and-Learn Interactivity in Digital Signage?

Enhance customer engagement
‘Lift and Learn’ technology revolutionizes customer interaction within retail spaces. By lifting an item, customers trigger digital signage to display information relevant to that product. This interactive experience, powered by Navori’s advanced software, not only engages customers but also encourages exploration and discovery, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Show additional information based on the specific item lifted
With each item lifted, Navori’s software provides specific, detailed information about that product on the digital signage. This feature allows for a personalized experience as customers receive real-time data, such as product features, usage tips, or complementary items, enriching their understanding and interest in the product.

Influence purchasing decisions
The ‘Lift and Learn’ experience is a powerful tool in influencing customer purchasing decisions. By providing immediate and relevant information, it aids customers in making informed choices, increasing the likelihood of purchase. Navori’s software ensures that the content is tailored to showcase the benefits and unique features of each product, directly impacting the customer’s decision-making process.

Create a memorable shopping vibe
This interactive technology contributes to creating a dynamic and modern shopping atmosphere. Customers enjoy an engaging and novel way of shopping, which not only makes their visit memorable but also differentiates your store from traditional retail experiences. Navori’s ‘Lift and Learn’ features transform ordinary retail visits into immersive journeys.

Generates valuable metrics on customer preferences
Beyond enhancing the customer experience, ‘Lift and Learn’ technology provides retailers with valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors. Navori’s software collects data on which items are lifted most frequently and the duration of interaction, offering a deeper understanding of customer interests and helping retailers tailor their inventory and marketing strategies accordingly.

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Real-life Use Cases

Each product or item in the display is equipped with sensors or RFID tags
In retail environments utilizing ‘Lift and Learn’ technology, each product or item on display is equipped with sensors or RFID tags. This setup allows for individual tracking and identification of each product, creating a foundation for an interactive and informative shopping experience. Navori’s software seamlessly integrates with these sensors, providing a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform for retailers to implement this technology effectively.

Whenever a customer lifts a product, the sensor informs the digital signage player, that instantly show the related content on screen 
Whenever a customer lifts a product, the embedded sensor or RFID tag communicates with the digital signage player. Navori’s software then instantly displays related content on the screen. This could include product details, usage demonstrations, or promotional videos, offering customers immediate and valuable information about the item they are interested in.

Content triggered can be either passive or interactive
The content triggered by lifting a product can be either passive, such as displaying information, or interactive, like inviting customers to engage with a digital questionnaire or game. This flexibility allows retailers to tailor the ‘Lift and Learn’ experience to their specific marketing goals and customer engagement strategies.

Get Insights for marketing strategies or inventory management
Beyond enhancing customer experience, the ‘Lift and Learn’ feature also provides retailers with insightful data. Navori’s software can track which products are lifted most frequently, the duration of interactions, and customer responses to interactive content. These insights are invaluable for refining marketing strategies, optimizing inventory management, and understanding customer preferences and behaviors.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Navori’s ‘Lift and Learn’ features bring a new level of interaction and information to the retail experience. This technology makes shopping more engaging and informative by displaying relevant details about products as customers pick them up. Navori software smoothly connects with in-store sensors, ensuring that the right content shows up instantly. It also provides valuable insights into what customers like and how they shop, helping retailers make better marketing and inventory decisio