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Built-in features for Lift-and-learn

Retailers are constantly adopting innovative technologies to enhance the shopping experience, such as Navori’s ‘Lift and Learn’ feature. This interactive system captivates customers by offering detailed product information and comparisons as soon as an item is lifted from a display.

It educates shoppers about their potential purchases and introduces a dynamic, interactive element to the shopping environment, making the experience both informative and engaging.

Lift and Learn Features

Product Recognition

Product Recognition

When a product is lifted from its place, sensors immediately recognize the item, triggering specific content related to that product to display on nearby screens.

Dynamic Content Display

Dynamic Content Display

As soon as a customer interacts with a product, the system dynamically presents detailed information, such as features, benefits, and comparisons with other products, enhancing the shopping experience.

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Customizable Interactions

Customizable Interactions

Retailers can customize the content and layout displayed when a product is lifted, allowing for tailored marketing messages or specific product details that can influence buying decisions.

Data Collection and Insights

Data Collection and Insights

Retailers can customize the content and layout displayed when a product is lifted, allowing for tailored marketing messages or specific product details that can influence buying decisions.

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 Broken Down into 4 Easy Steps

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Setup and Installation

Install sensors and integrate them with the digital signage system in areas where products will be displayed. These sensors are designed to detect when a product is picked up.

Second Number

Product Tagging

Attach RFID tags or similar technology to each product. These tags are programmed with information specific to each item, which will trigger the corresponding content on the digital signage when the product is lifted.

Third Number

Content Configuration

Customize and upload content related to each product into the Navori digital signage software. This content can include product details, usage instructions, promotional videos, and more.

Fourth Number

Monitor and Adapt

Once operational, monitor customer interactions and the system’s performance. Use the insights gathered to refine and update the content to better match customer interest and improve engagement rates.

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of Using Lift and Learn

Enhancing Customer Purchase Decisions with ‘Lift and Learn’

The ‘Lift and Learn’ feature effectively guides customer purchasing decisions. As soon as a customer lifts a product, it provides specific, tailored information, helping them make informed choices and increasing the likelihood of a purchase. Additionally, Navori’s software ensures that content vividly showcases the unique benefits and features of each product, thereby influencing customer decisions and enriching the shopping experience.

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value
Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Tracking Customer Preferences

The ‘Lift and Learn’ technology not only improves the customer experience but also provides valuable insights into customer preferences. As customers interact with products, Navori’s software records the frequency of items being lifted and the duration of each interaction. This data allows retailers to understand customer interests more clearly, enabling them to tailor their inventory and marketing strategies to better align with consumer needs.

Displaying Detailed Product Information

As soon as a customer lifts an item, Navori’s software quickly displays detailed information about that product on the digital signage. This personalized feature delivers real-time data, such as product features, usage tips, and complementary items, directly to the customer. As a result, it deepens their understanding and heightens their interest in the product, significantly improving the shopping experience.

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value
Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Create an Unforgettable Shopping Experience

Navori’s ‘Lift and Learn’ technology enhances the shopping atmosphere by offering a dynamic and interactive experience. Customers engage in a novel way of shopping that makes their visit memorable and sets your store apart from traditional retail experiences. Consequently, this technology transforms regular retail visits into immersive journeys, elevating customer satisfaction and store appeal.

Gathering Insights for Marketing and Inventory Management

The ‘Lift and Learn’ feature improves customer experiences and provides retailers with crucial insights. As customers engage with products, Navori’s software records which items are frequently picked up, the duration of interactions, and responses to interactive displays. These insights are essential for enhancing marketing approaches, fine-tuning inventory management, and understanding customer preferences more deeply, leading to better-informed business decisions.

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Activating Content with ‘Lift and Learn’

When a product is lifted, ‘Lift and Learn’ can display either passive information or interactive content like digital questionnaires or games. This adaptability allows retailers to tailor the experience to fit their marketing goals and engage customers effectively. Seamlessly integrating various content types, the feature enhances customer interaction and enriches the shopping experience.

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Integrating Sensors and RFID Tags in ‘Lift and Learn’ Technology

Retail environments utilizing ‘Lift and Learn’ technology equip each product with sensors or RFID tags. This setup enables precise tracking and identification of items, fostering an interactive and informative shopping experience. Navori’s software integrates smoothly with these sensors, providing a user-friendly platform that allows retailers to effectively employ this technology, enhancing both the customer experience and operational efficiency.


Instant Content Display Triggered by Product Interaction

When a customer lifts a product, the sensor or RFID tag signals the digital signage player. Consequently, Navori’s software immediately displays content related to the product on the screen. This content might include details, usage demonstrations, or promotional videos, providing customers with instant and valuable information about the item they are interested in.

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