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Built-in Features for Interactive Digital Signage

Empower Any Interactive Scenario for your Screens

Navori-driven interactivity engages audiences by offering personalized, and participatory experiences, facilitating real-time interactions regardless of the scenario or equipment chosen

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Identify the needs and pitfalls

Creating interactive scenarios for your screens meets the increasing demand for engaging and immersive experiences. Businesses want to captivate their audiences by offering touchpoints that go beyond traditional displays, aiming to encourage interaction.

However, challenges often arise when implementing such solutions. These challenges can include technical complexities, where integrating across different systems or platforms becomes problematic. Ensuring seamless user experiences across various devices or interaction modes requires software like Navori that supports most hardware while keeping content management consistent and straightforward.

Why Retailers use interactive Digital Signage?

Immediate access to additional information
Interactive digital signage in retail provides customers with instant access to detailed product information. Navori software allows customers to explore product specifications, reviews, and comparisons by simply interacting with the screen. This quick access to information enhances customer satisfaction and helps them make informed purchasing decisions.

Deliver a customized experience
Navori’s interactive digital signage offers a personalized shopping experience. Customers can receive tailored recommendations, special offers, and navigate through a virtual catalog using touch screens or QR code scanning. This level of customization not only improves the shopping experience but also increases customer loyalty and brand affinity.

Transforms passive viewing into active engagement
Interactive digital signage transforms passive viewing into active engagement. Customers can interact with the content, from exploring products to engaging with brand stories. This interaction creates a stronger connection between the customer and the brand, making the shopping experience more memorable and impactful.

Hold customer attention for longer durations
Interactive digital signage captures and retains customer attention far longer than traditional signage. By engaging customers in a dynamic and interactive manner, retailers can effectively communicate their message, promote products, and create an immersive brand experience. The longer customers engage with the signage, the greater the opportunity for retailers to convey their message and influence purchasing decisions.

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Real-life Use Cases

Touch screen
Touch screen technology in digital signage offers a highly interactive and user-friendly experience. Retail stores utilize touch screens for interactive product catalogs, wayfinding, and even as self-service kiosks. This technology allows customers to explore products and information at their own pace, enhancing their shopping experience.

Interactivity using a smart phone
Smartphone integration with our QL mobile app takes interactivity to the next level. Customers can use their phones to interact with digital signage screens, perhaps scanning a QR code to access exclusive offers, play interactive games, or even control the content displayed on the screen. This not only engages tech-savvy customers but also bridges the gap between online and in-store experiences.

The lift-and-learn feature in retail stores is an innovative way to engage customers. When a product is lifted from a shelf, corresponding information or promotional content is automatically displayed on the digital signage. This not only captivates customer attention but also provides valuable information about the product in an interactive manner.

Computer vision-driven content automation
Computer vision technology enables content on digital signage to change based on customer demographics or behaviors. This automated content adaptation ensures that the displayed information is relevant and engaging for each viewer, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing messages.

Physical USB button
Incorporating a physical USB button with digital signage offers a unique interactive experience. It can be used in game-based marketing, where customers press the button for a chance to win prizes or receive discounts. This tactile element adds a fun and memorable dimension to customer interactions.


In conclusion

Interactive digital signage is a versatile and innovative asset in modern retail, playing a crucial role in enabling stores to offer engaging, customized, and memorable experiences to their customers. This includes using touch screens, incorporating smartphone interactivity, introducing lift-and-learn features, and integrating IoT technologies, all of which are significantly transforming how customers interact with brands. By adopting these interactive tools, retailers are not just enhancing the shopping experience but are also forging stronger connections with their customers, which leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Furthermore, Navori’s dedication to advancing these technologies means retailers can always be at the cutting edge of interactive digital signage. This commitment helps them fully utilize its capabilities to not only attract but also deeply engage their audience, ensuring a lasting impact.

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