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End-to-end CMS cloud hosting

Host your CMS and get a greater control, flexibility, cost and security

By managing the CMS on your own cloud infrastructure, you gain the flexibility to tailor the environment to your specific needs and preferences and lower the cost of ownership

Why hosting your own CMS on the cloud?

This not only enables better performance and faster load times but also enhances security measures, ensuring the protection of your data and website against potential threats. Additionally, hosting your own CMS provides scalability, allowing you to easily adjust resources as your website or application grows, while also offering cost control and independence from third-party hosting providers. With complete control over your data and the ability to seamlessly integrate with other systems, hosting your own CMS empowers you to create and manage your online presence more effectively, driving better business outcomes.

Navori recommends Microsoft Azure, and suggests the following configuration based on the number of players you wish to deploy.  Based on these detailed recommendations, you may replicate these requirements for hosting with another cloud provider or within your self-hosted infrastructure.


Resource Type Number Specification Detailed Specification

All prices shown are in United States – Dollar ($) USD. This is a summary estimate, not a quote. For up-to-date pricing information please visit

This estimate was created at 3/5/2024 7:03:59 PM UTC.

The cost does not include data transfer cost, which varies from on customer / user type to another.