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Built-in Features for AI Content Automation

Content automation simplifies and enhances business communication by dynamically adjusting messages and displays with Navori software. This process leverages live data, user inputs, and predefined rules to deliver personalized and highly relevant content. Organizations can effectively target their communications to specific audiences at exactly the right times, significantly improving engagement and the overall impact of their messaging strategies. Navori software ensures that every content delivered is optimized for maximum relevance and engagement by integrating real-time data and automated content adjustments.

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Increase in Audience Engagement
Reduction in Content Management Costs
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Content Automation Features

Leverage Data-driven Content Automation and Triggering

Leverage Data-driven Content Automation and Triggering

Use event-based triggers to interrupt and adapt content in real-time based on user actions and data insights. By setting simple rules, you can make content responsive to specific circumstances, enhancing relevance and engagement.



Implement tagging by assigning attributes such as location and language to players and content. Navori software delivers content according to your predefined rules, ensuring precise scheduling and excluding irrelevant content.

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Validity Applied to Assets

Validity Applied to Assets

Users can set start and end dates for content, ensuring only relevant material is displayed. This feature streamlines scheduling and content management, keeping it fresh and up-to-date by removing outdated information.

Data Feed Look up

Data Feed Look up

Navori’s Data Feed Manager lets you filter data feeds to display specific information. You can set filters to show news items with specific keywords.

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Leverage Navori software to automate your digital content effectively, making your messaging more adaptive, personalized, and impactful.

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Define Your Data Sources

Connect data sources like live streams or databases to Navori software for up-to-date and relevant content display.

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Set Automation Rules

Create rules that trigger content changes based on data thresholds, time of day, viewer interactions, or other criteria. These rules ensure that the displayed content automatically adapts without manual intervention.

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Create and Organize Content

Design and organize the content to be displayed. Organize this content into playlists or templates that can be automatically cycled through or triggered based on the automation rules you have set.

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Monitor and Optimize

Once your content runs, monitor and gather insights on how well different content performs and adjust your rules and content.

Reduce Constant Manual Updates

Automated digital signage reduces manual updates and displays relevant content automatically. This improves the viewer experience and saves time on manual adjustments.

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Filter Relevant Data

Filter Relevant Data

Using lookup functions to display relevant information enhances content delivery precision.

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Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Use real-time data feeds to automate digital content display and dynamically adjust it based on current data values. This keeps the content relevant and engaging by reflecting up-to-the-minute information or trends.

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Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value
Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Leveraging Day Parting

Dayparting is scheduling different content at specific times of the day to match audience preferences. For example, a coffee shop may showcase breakfast in the morning, switch to lunch in the afternoon, and promote desserts and calming teas in the evening. This improves customer experience and boosts sales.

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Computer Vision-Driven Context Aware Automation

Using computer vision and context-aware automation in digital signage improves engagement and efficiency. The technology recognizes the environment and delivers personalized content based on demographics, behavior, and emotions. Real-time data is used to adjust content dynamically. This improves the viewer experience and operational efficiency.

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Data Driven Content

Digital menu boards connected to the Point of Sale (POS) system update in real-time, displaying product availability, popular items, and pricing changes. As customers place orders, the menu highlights in-demand dishes and customer favorites, ensuring it only shows what’s currently available. This intelligent menu improves efficiency by tracking inventory and enhances the customer experience, potentially boosting sales of high-demand or profitable dishes.

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Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Content Validity

Content validity is key in digital signage as it displays suitable and current information. Specific dates and times can be set for content display, ensuring it is relevant. For example, promotional content can be programmed for sale periods, boosting viewer engagement and streamlining content management.

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Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Content Tagging

Digital signage tagging helps organize content into categories for easier management. This enables relevant promotions to be displayed automatically during specific seasons or events, enhancing viewer engagement and operational efficiency.


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