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Built-in Template Designer

Effortlessly Create Dazzling Digital Signage Templates, No Coding Required

Transform your digital signage content with dynamic templates and live data integration
A Streamlined Content Creation Workflow A Streamlined Content Creation Workflow

Designer comes with a drag-and-drop design, and supports any content size or orientation

Effortless Integration, Code-Free Connectivity Effortless Integration, Code-Free Connectivity

Easily integrate any type of real-time data and lookups, moderate the content to display using simple rules

Empower Design, Multi-Layered, Zone-Focused Empower Design, Multi-Layered, Zone-Focused

Customize content like a pro with with multi-zone, multi layer and transparency capabilities


Design Templates Easily, No Advanced Skills Needed

Create visually stunning templates. No advanced skills required – easily integrate text, media, playlists, and live data feeds into your designs.

Build Data Driven Dashboards with KPIs

Share performance indicators with our intuitive dashboard design tools. Seamlessly integrate with Power BI, displaying live ERP/CRM data to empower your decision-making.

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Business Intelligence Dashboard

Screen Fresh Content

Incorporate real-time weather updates, dynamic social media feeds, and Office 365 meeting room occupancy data. Captivate and retain your audience’s attention with constantly updated, relevant content.

Unlock Insights on Live Data

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Create a Stunning Digital Menu Board, in minutes

Create eye-catching Digital Menu Boards in just minutes. Build an extensive menu database, showcase multimedia product highlights, and apply smart rules for an interactive customer experience.

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Craft Occupancy Screen for Meeting Rooms

Screen up-to-the-minute transportation schedules with ease. Our flexible design tools allow you to connect to various data sources, customizing the look and feel of your displays.

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Use Tickers to Screen Live Data

Enhance your digital signage with customizable tickers. Overlay your content with live updates, welcoming messages, news, and more, without interrupting the main content.


Automate Template Creation with Our API

Leverage Navori API for automated template creation. Effortlessly customize content with dynamic variables and tags, ensuring your displays are always up-to-date.

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