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Key functionnalities – Navori Professional Digital Signage Software

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Always Show Relevant Messages with Content Automation

Enhance Engagement through Context-Aware Content Automation. By delivering personalized, timely content based on user and environmental context, you can optimize screen impact with simplified, data-driven rules.

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Leverage a 360° Advertising Experience

Smartly automate your media planning to guarantee predetermined advertiser impressions. Generate revenue by monetizing screens with Vistar and Hivestack DSP and SSP programmatic solutions.

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Built-In Audience Measurement and Playback Reporting

Get Insights Into Audiences Surrounding Your Screens

Explore valuable insights through our integrated audience measurement capabilities. Whether it’s tracking viewer foot traffic and vehicle counts or monitoring audience Opportunity to See (OTS) and viewer conversions, you can assess content effectiveness using actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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Transform Passive Viewers Into Interactive

Make information easily accessible, streamline the customer experience, and trigger context-aware content on screen for tailored engagement.

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Multi-screen content synchronization

Synchronize Content Across Screens for Cohesive Storytelling

Perfect for creating impactful, cohesive visual narratives, Navori Player software can synchronize any type of content, on any hardware, ensuring a unified storytelling experience.

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An Enterprise-Ready Solution for Better IT Compliance

Choosing an enterprise-ready software ensures that users have a reliable, secure, and adaptable solution that can grow alongside evolving needs while maintaining high standards of performance.

  • Custom user roles and permissions
  • Content approval workflows
  • Activity tracking

Scalable to Grow With Your Business

Our CMS lays the foundation for a robust, adaptable, and future-ready system that can grow with your business requirements

Flexible Integration

Seamless integration simplifies processes by automating data transfer, improving overall productivity across the organization

SOC 2 Certified Software and Services

Navori is SOC 2 certified, offering world-class business continuity, quality and security of products and services

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Customize Navori Using our Open Architecture and APIs

Our comprehensive REST API allows users to bypass the software’s user interface and develop applications that interact with third-party applications. You can use it for content automation, user provisioning, and hardware monitoring. This includes:

  • Content Automation and Triggering
  • User Provisioning
  • Activity Tracking

Create Your Own UI

Add your value to the solution, create your own UI, tailored to your customer or project needs.

Tailor, Extend, Automate

Allow users to upload, update, or delete content programmatically. Enable scheduling and automation of content publishing

Control Navori With Any App

Control the Navori software from an external application. Automate, simplify your workflows.

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