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Built-in Features for Video wall And Multi-screen

Deliver an Immersive Experience Using Video Walls Powered by Navori

Video walls and screen banners powered by Navori offer a seamless, dynamic and versatile platform, while retaining the benefits of a professional digital signage software

Identify the needs and pitfalls

Video walls serve a critical need in rendering multimedia content across various settings, from corporate lobbies to entertainment venues. These walls offer an immersive canvas for displaying high-resolution content, creating attention-grabbing environments.

However, pitfalls in video walls can include complex setup and maintenance. Navori software offers innovative solutions to simplify hardware configuration. Utilizing multi-head PCs avoids the need for a video controller while maintaining full resolution for each screen.

Why use Video Walls in Digital Signage?

High Impact and Engagement
Video walls create a massive impact in any setting, making them a perfect choice for digital signage. Their large scale and high-resolution capabilities mean they catch the eye easily and keep viewers engaged. With Navori software, you can deliver content that’s not only large but also dynamic and captivating. This makes video walls ideal for high-traffic areas where grabbing attention is crucial.

Better visibility
A video wall’s size and brightness offer better visibility over traditional signage. Navori’s software enhances this by ensuring that visuals are clear and vibrant, even from a distance. This heightened visibility is key in busy environments like shopping malls, airports, and event venues, where you need to communicate effectively with large crowds.

Wow Factor and Entertainment
Video walls add a ‘wow’ factor to any space, providing entertainment alongside information. Navori software allows you to create and display content that’s not just informative but also visually stunning. This combination of entertainment and information is perfect for creating memorable experiences in commercial, public, or corporate settings.

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Real-life Use Cases

Hardware Setup
Navori software supports a wide range of hardware setups for video walls. Whether you’re using ultra-high-resolution screens or a combination of different displays, Navori ensures smooth and synchronized content playback across all panels. This flexibility in hardware compatibility allows for custom video wall designs that fit any space or architectural requirement.

No need for a Video Wall Controller
With Navori software you don’t need a separate video wall controller. The software directly manages content distribution and synchronization across all screens. This simplifies the setup and reduces the need for additional hardware, making it easier and more cost-effective to run a high-quality video wall.

Content Management and Bezel Compensation
Navori software includes advanced content management features and bezel compensation. This ensures that your content looks continuous and cohesive, even across screens with bezels. The software automatically adjusts for bezel widths, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

Operation and Interaction
Navori’s video wall solution is not just about display; it’s also about interaction. The software supports interactive content, allowing viewers to engage with the displays. This feature is particularly useful in educational, retail, or exhibition settings, where viewer engagement can significantly enhance the experience.

In conclusion

Video walls powered by Navori software are an exceptional choice for digital signage, offering a blend of high-impact visuals, better visibility, and engaging content management. They transform ordinary spaces into dynamic environments, captivating audiences with their scale and clarity. Navori’s advanced software eliminates the need for additional controllers and simplifies content management, making it easier than ever to create and maintain these powerful displays. Whether for advertising, information, or entertainment, Navori’s video wall solution ensures your message not only gets seen but also leaves a lasting impression, significantly enhancing your ability to communicate and engage with audiences in any setting.