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Food & Beverage

Restaurants Use Digital Menus and Automation for a Better Efficiency

Food and beverages facilities are deploying Navori technologies to showcase menus over screens, enhance service, and leveraging ROI by using smart content automation.
Increased Sales Conversion by influencing customer purchasing decisions
Operational Efficiency Gains such as labor expenses and material costs, attributed to digital signage
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction due to improved ordering experiences, menu visibility, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

The restaurant business is all about being efficient, having a great atmosphere, and keeping customers happy. Digital signs in restaurants do more than just show menus. They help create a nice setting, give customers information, and make service quicker. Navori’s software makes it easy to handle these digital displays, making sure that what’s shown is always appealing, interesting, and current.

Identify the needs and pitfalls

When it comes to Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and the broader restaurant industry, it’s important to meet customer expectations. Navori Digital Signage is a great solution for this busy sector. It grabs customers’ attention while they wait, updates menus in a modern way, and makes operations run smoother. Navori works well with Point of Sale (POS) systems to provide real-time updates, making waits feel shorter and service faster.

However, the restaurant industry changes quickly, and there are some common problems. These include old-fashioned static menus, manual updates that can have mistakes, and inefficient management of takeout orders. These issues can make customers feel disconnected and slow down operations. Recognizing these challenges is key to finding a solution that not only meets needs but also avoids these problems.


How Digital Signage Screens Can Supercharge Your QSR and Restaurant Presence

Digital signage in restaurants and QSRs transforms the way these businesses interact with their customers and manage their operations.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times and Increase the Speed of Service
Are your customers feeling restless during peak hours? Navori software has the answer. By creating immersive displays, we not only reduce perceived wait times but also elevate the overall speed of service. Engaging content entertains customers, turning what may seem like a wait into an experience that keeps them coming back.

Modernize Your Stores with Dynamic Menu Boards
Step into the future of menu presentation. With Navori software you can transform static menus into dynamic showcases. Visually stunning displays not only modernize your restaurant’s aesthetic but also enable you to promote specials, new products, and your brand story effectively.

Automate Product and Pricing Information from Your POS System
Say goodbye to manual updates and errors. Navori seamlessly integrates with your Point of Sale (POS) system, automating the display of accurate product information and pricing in real-time, ensuring consistency across all your screens.

Automate Your Takeout Counter Operations
Efficiently manage takeout orders with automated digital displays that showcase current wait times, order status, and promotions. Enhance customer experience and streamline operations with Navori’s intuitive digital signage solutions.

Promote New Products and Boost Sales
Navori Digital Signage empowers you to showcase daily specials, promotions, and new products effortlessly. Drive sales and keep customers informed about the latest offerings, creating an engaging and dynamic environment.

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Real-life Use Cases

PoS-Driven Digital Menu Boards
Integrate your Point-of-Sale system with Navori Digital Signage to dynamically update menus, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all screens.

Automatically Promote Specials and Hide Out-of-Stock Items
Boost sales by automatically promoting daily specials and seamlessly removing out-of-stock items from your digital displays, keeping your customers informed and satisfied.

Analyze In-store Foot Traffic and Customer Preferences
Leverage Navori’s computer vision analytics features to gain insights into in-store foot traffic and customer preferences. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your offerings and enhance the overall customer experience.

Drive Outdoor Menu Displays at the Drive-thru
Capture the attention of drive-thru customers with vibrant and engaging outdoor menu displays powered by Navori software.

Let Store Managers Update Displays Securely from Their Smartphones
Empower your store managers with the flexibility to update digital displays securely from their smartphones. Streamline communication and promotions effortlessly with Navori’s user-friendly interface.


Restaurant digital signage is a potent tool that enhances convenience for customers and drives sales. It doesn’t require a substantial investment and can yield a quick return on investment. The core principle is to make ordering as easy as possible, providing a positive customer experience.

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