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Built-in features for Social media boards

Improve your brand’s online presence and engage your audience with our one-of-a-kind Social Media Signage solution. This innovative tool seamlessly integrates and displays your most recent social media updates, company news, and important milestones, setting you apart from your competitors.

Our software brings your brand’s lively online interaction into physical spaces, ensuring that customers and employees are always up to date. Showcase your achievements, share your story, and cultivate a more connected and informed community around your brand.

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Features of Social Media Signage

Customizable Social Media Signage Layout

Customizable Social Media Signage Layout

Tailor your Social Media Signage layout with Navori’s Template Designer. Organizations can utilize digital signage to showcase social posts linked to specific hashtags, mentions, tags, and even reviews and testimonials based on their needs.

Real-Time Data Visualization

Real-Time Data Visualization

Navori’s “Play If” feature automatically displays specific content based on hashtags, trends, and keywords from social media.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Navori Labs makes it easy to combine social media content with different hardware devices. This way, everyone can enjoy live social media content on their devices.

Multi-Data-Sources Integration

Multi-Data-Sources Integration

Navori empowers seamless integration of various data sources through its Connectors feature, including Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Power BI, Instagram, Teams, Tableau, Office 365, and more.

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Social Media Signage in 4 Easy Steps

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Access Content Manager

Log in to the intuitive Navori Content Manager platform, your central hub for effortlessly managing and curating digital content.

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Connect Data Sources

Easily link your social media platforms with Navori’s robust connectors (Facebook, Instagram, and X).

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Customize Dashboard Layout

Tailor your dashboard layout to suit your specific needs. Arrange and organize your content display to effectively reflect your brand’s aesthetic and message.

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Preview, Test, and Publish

Before launching, leverage Navori’s preview and testing features to ensure seamless operation. Once satisfied, click ‘publish’ to start engaging your audience.

Social Media Signage Benefits

Real-Time Updates

By integrating social media with your digital signage, you can keep your displays current with real-time updates, news, and conversations, which can make them more engaging and interesting.

Boost Audience Interaction

Scan QR codes on digital signage for more information and interactive engagement.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Display customer achievements on digital signage to attract attention and increase social awareness.

Improve Internal Communications

Celebrate achievements and encourage participation via social media in the workplace.

Dynamically Curate your Live Social Media Posts

Use Navori’s Look Up feature to curate social media posts with relevant and customized content based on live data keywords. Increase the impact of your social media signs by tailoring content to your audience’s interests.

Engage Your Audience with Contests and Promotional Events

Contests increase engagement. To boost sales of new products, use interactive digital signage with a social media wall. Include discounts, coupons, and special events to keep the audience interested. Highlight winners to create FOMO among other followers and enhance brand visibility.

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