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Built-in Features for Digital Menu Boards

Introducing Navori’s App for Digital Menu Boards – the next level of restaurant management and customer engagement. Our app is designed to streamline menu board handling and enhance customer experience when ordering.

Our app combines visually stunning designs with advanced backend integration, including POS systems and analytics, to offer a holistic digital menu solution. This technology not only elevates the visual appeal of your menu but also streamlines operations and helps restaurants improve crew member assignments.

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app Features for Digital Menu Boards

Built-in Designer Tool for Crafting Your Menu Layouts

Built-in Designer Tool for Crafting Your Menu Layouts

Elevate your dining ambiance to an art form with Navori’s customizable digital menu boards, transforming your menu into a visual celebration that captures the essence of your brand. Dive into a world where your brand’s unique identity shines through every detail – from the choice of fonts and logo incorporation to the selection of vibrant backgrounds and the depiction of your culinary creations in rich, appetite-stimulating imagery. With Navori Built-in Designer, you can tailor everything from the menu layout to the animation styles, creating a digital dining narrative as distinctive as your restaurant itself.

Spotlight your seasonal specials, showcase your upcoming events, or highlight your signature dishes in a manner that captures attention and captivates the palate, inviting guests to delve deeper into your offerings. With Navori’s digital menu designer, easily accessible from your web browser, the process of adding, updating, and refining menu items, descriptions, images, categories, nutritional facts, and prices is streamlined, ensuring your menu remains fresh, appealing, and perfectly aligned with your brand’s allure.

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Easilly Integrate Your Restaurant POS and ERP Menu Inventory

Easilly Integrate Your Restaurant POS and ERP Menu Inventory

Navori’s digital menu boards elevate your dining experience to an art form. Customize your menu with unique fonts, logos, and vibrant backgrounds. With Navori Built-in Designer, you can create a distinctive digital dining narrative that captures the essence of your brand.

It’s easy to keep your menu fresh and perfectly aligned with your brand’s allure using Navori’s digital menu designer. You can add, update, and refine descriptions, images, categories, nutritional facts, and prices.

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Screen Your Menus Based on Specific Times of Day

Screen Your Menus Based on Specific Times of Day

The dynamic tool from Navori CM, Smart Scheduling / Dayparting feature, is designed to align your menu presentation with the rhythm of your customers’ day. This sophisticated scheduling capability allows you to curate and display specific menu items and promotions at the exact times they’re most appealing and relevant to your audience. Schedule your content in advance for holidays, local events, or weekly specials, ensuring your digital menu boards remain fresh, engaging, and perfectly timed to capture customer interest.

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Get Continuous Metrics on Waiting Time Before Service

Get Continuous Metrics on Waiting Time Before Service

In the dynamic realm of the dining industry, mastering your customer flow is key to success. Navori’s App analytics delivers critical insights into how patrons interact with your space, focusing on attendance patterns and waiting times. Armed with this data, your decision-making process becomes more precise, allowing for adjustments in staffing, enhancements in table turnover rates, and strategic menu redesigns to cater to busy periods effectively. This data-driven strategy not only elevates operational efficiency but also cultivates a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.

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Enable Crew Members to Interact Using a Smartphone

Enable Crew Members to Interact Using a Smartphone

Empower your restaurant staff like never before with Navori Mobile, a key component of Navori’s suite of digital menu board solutions. This innovative mobile application grants your team the ability to manage the menu in real-time directly from their smartphones. From making swift price changes, updating daily specials, to adjusting stock availability, your staff can guarantee that the information displayed is consistently up-to-date, precise, and true to your restaurant’s offerings. This capability for immediate updates streamlines operations and drastically minimizes the chances of customer dissatisfaction due to outdated menu information.

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Get your Screens Synced for Unified Menutelling

Get your Screens Synced for Unified Menutelling

Turn your restaurant into a vibrant storytelling hub with Navori’s advanced screen synchronization feature. This technology lets you craft engaging narratives across multiple screens, creating a visually immersive experience that surrounds your customers with the essence of your brand. Whether showcasing the journey of your ingredients from farm to table, highlighting heartfelt customer testimonials, or evolving the thematic ambiance to match the time of day, synchronized screens operate in perfect harmony. This seamless integration of storytelling elements significantly enriches the dining experience, making each visit memorable and fostering customer loyalty.

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in 4 Easy Steps

The magic occurs within Navori App, a Content Management System (CMS), which is a software enabling users to generate, oversee, and timetable content for showcasing on the digital menu boards. Accessible through either a web-based interface, a smartphone or a tablet, the CMS empowers your digital menu board.

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Design Your Menus

Navori’s Designer features a user-friendly interface that caters to all proficiency levels, allowing you to swiftly realize your vision without needing advanced training. Whether choosing from an array of templates, customizing layouts, incorporating high-resolution images, or integrating eye-catching animations and videos, Navori grants you the freedom to design digital menus that embody your brand’s essence and culinary delights.

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Create Your Menu Inventory or Connect Navori App to Your POS

With direct integration capabilities with your Point of Sale (POS) systems and inventory management solutions, Navori’s live data manager ensures that your digital menus are always up-to-date. Any changes within your inventory or POS system, be it a price change or an item’s availability status, are immediately updated on your digital menu boards.

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Day Part Your Menu display

Restaurants or cafes customize their menu offerings to align with specific times of the day or customer preferences. For example, a restaurant might display breakfast items in the morning, switch to lunch items during midday, and then display dinner specials in the evening. With the Navori CMS, you can use drag and drop to place your menus on the program grid.

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Publish Your Menus

Select the screens and players to update, then press the publish button. The CMS will indicate the download’s progress and confirm the broadcasting of the new content.

of using Navori App for your menu board

Showcase Your Menus, Like No Others

Navori’s Digital Menu Boards transform your menu into an engaging visual feast. With striking, imagery and fluid animations, these boards do more than display your offerings; this visual enhancement not only simplifies the decision-making process for your customers but also sparks their appetites and enriches the atmosphere of your establishment, improving the dining experience.

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Enhance Upselling Potential for Increased Revenue

During the waiting period before service, digital menu boards excel in displaying various products on a single screen or through content rotation and in presenting all complementary menus. They effectively highlight menus, combos, or promotions that customers may have yet to consider before their arrival. Consequently, this strategy contributes to an increase in the average transaction value.

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Streamline Operations Through Automation

Navori’s digital menu boards streamline your restaurant’s operations by directly syncing with your POS product inventory and displaying menus on the screen. This efficiency goes beyond just convenience; it minimizes human error, guarantees pricing accuracy, and facilitates instant changes in menu availability.

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Track Continuously Customer Experience using AI

The wait before service represents a significant part of the customer experience. Navori innovates by adding a camera to your menu board to track your crew members’ wait time and performance in real-time and retrospectively.

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Recommended hardware

Navori Player App software is available for SOC screens with integrated media players such as Samsung, LG, Sony, or Philips, as well as for media player devices like the StiX produced by Navori, BrightSign, or a Windows PC used in single or multi-screen mode.

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