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Office & Manufacturing

Maximizing Corporate Internal Communications with Employees

Offices and factories run digital signage to streamline employee messaging and operations like production metrics, notifications, business social media and meeting schedules.
Increased Employee Engagement as visually engaging content captures attention and fosters a sense of involvement.
Improved Information Retention Digital signage enhances information retention among employees, making critical updates and announcements more memorable.

Using digital signage in a corporate environment

In a corporate environment, effective and consistent communication is crucial for achieving success. Digital signage is an innovative tool that brings a dynamic edge to sharing information. It’s not just about relaying messages; it’s also about celebrating team achievements and keeping staff connected and up-to-date with the latest company news.

Navori software makes managing this communication effortless. With its intuitive design, you can ensure that all your messages are timely, relevant, and have a strong impact. Whether it’s announcing company milestones, updating team schedules, or sharing motivational content, Navori’s solution handles it all with ease.

Moreover, digital signage can transform your office space, making it more vibrant and engaging. Imagine screens displaying real-time sales data, celebrating employee of the month, or guiding visitors through your office. This level of interaction not only improves communication but also boosts morale and fosters a sense of community.

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Identify the needs and pitfalls

In any corporate environment, having effective communication is crucial. One major challenge for businesses is keeping their employees engaged and well-informed. Traditional methods like emails or printed memos often fail to grab attention, and it can be difficult to communicate complex data or ensure that a diverse workforce is aligned with the company’s objectives.

Navori software offers a solution to these issues through its advanced digital signage. It creates a more dynamic and visually appealing way to share information, which is more likely to engage employees. The software also allows for real-time updates, ensuring that everyone in the company has access to the latest data and news. This helps in making internal communication not only more efficient but also more effective, addressing the evolving needs and challenges in corporate communication.

How Can Digital Signage Screens Revolutionize Your Corporate Environment?

Keep Employees Motivated and Engaged
Navori Digital Signage Software, transforms corporate environments by offering a dynamic platform for showcasing company achievements, recognizing employees, and delivering motivational content. By fostering a positive and informed environment, businesses can boost employee morale and productivity.

Enhance the Visual Appeal of Your Spaces
Transform your corporate spaces into visually stunning environments with Digital Signage. Engage visitors and employees alike by displaying captivating content in lobbies, waiting areas, and office spaces, creating a lasting impression.

Share Real-time Business Metrics and KPIs Company-wide
Ensure that everyone in the organization is on the same page by utilizing Digital Signage to broadcast real-time business metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on screens. Keep teams informed and aligned with the company’s strategic goals.

Eliminate the Guesswork for Meeting Room Booking
Simplify meeting room management by integrating Navori Digital Signage with your existing booking systems. Display room availability, schedules, and upcoming meetings, eliminating the guesswork and enhancing overall efficiency in your workplace.

Cost-effective Internal Communications
Digital Signage proves to be a cost-effective solution for internal communications. Replace traditional printed materials with dynamic digital content, reducing printing costs while ensuring timely and impactful communication.

Right out of the box this software connected with our exchange calendars and room booking schedules. On top of that, we were able to publish our password protected KPI dashboards. Thank you Navori!

— Helen Stockman, Communications Coordinator

Real-life Use Cases

Integration with Existing Business Systems
Navori software seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems, allowing for a unified and streamlined communication platform. Connect with CRM, ERP, or other enterprise solutions to display relevant and up-to-date information.

Integration with Office 365
Enhance productivity by integrating Navori Digital Signage with Office 365. Display calendar events, emails, and other essential information directly on the screens, ensuring that employees stay well-informed and connected.

Custom User Roles and Permissions
Navori software offers customizable user roles and permissions, enabling you to control access and content management. Define roles based on department, ensuring that only authorized personnel can modify and publish content.

Cross Department Collaboration Made Easy
Facilitate collaboration across departments by using Navori software to share important updates, project milestones, and announcements. Break down silos and encourage a more connected corporate culture.

Supports Common Corporate Content Types (PPT, PDF, etc.)
Navori supports a variety of content types, including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, videos, and more. Ensure compatibility with your existing content while leveraging the flexibility of Digital Signage to convey information effectively.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Navori software provides a complete solution specially designed for the corporate world. It helps with things like getting employees involved and sharing information quickly. Navori makes it easier for businesses to talk clearly, work better, and make their spaces look good.

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