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Built-in Cross-Platform Content and Feature Versatility

Benefit From Total Content Flexibility
on a Broad Range of Hardware

Navori's content adaptability allows creative and diverse messaging, enabling users to easily display a wide range of content types, including images, videos, templates, live data feeds, social media updates, news, steaming and more.
Your Content, Your Way Your Content, Your Way

Publish your existing content as-is, without the need for conversion

Runs Pro and Office content Runs Pro and Office content

Display content created with desktop tools and content crafted by professionals

Display permanent and dynamic content Display permanent and dynamic content

Mix static and dynamic content, integrating live data and contextual design automation

Although our software supports over 90% of content types and functionalities on various hardware, it’s important to consider a few exceptions for your specific needs. When selecting hardware, base your choice on the kind of content you plan to display. Rest assured, each hardware option has been thoroughly tested and approved by our quality assurance team.

Media Type and Related Features Availability – Attribute

Whenever a feature or media is not supported by hardware, Navori Player seamlessly skips the content, and issues an alert to users in charge.