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Built-in Features for LED Displays

LED screens, renowned for their stunning visuals, are the perfect canvas for captivating installations. Powered by Navori software, these screens deliver impactful imagery and elevate their performance and capabilities to unprecedented levels.

Whether illuminating indoor spaces or commanding attention outdoors, Navori-driven LED displays mesmerize audiences with vibrant and dynamic content, making every viewing experience unforgettable.

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Energy Savings
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Increase in Engagement
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Features of LED Screens

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Save up to 95% on energy compared to traditional signage, making it cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Optimized Content Management

Optimized Content Management

Effortlessly manage and optimize content for dynamic LED displays, ensuring vibrant and engaging messages.

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Flexibility and Customization

Flexibility and Customization

Adjust content and display options to suit any marketing or informative requirement, indoors or outdoors.

Enhanced Engagement

Enhanced Engagement

Boost audience engagement by 30% with captivating LED visuals that stand out in any setting.

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By following these four steps, you can effectively set up your LED screens with ease and ensure they deliver impactful visuals powered by Navori software.

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Preparation and Planning

Choose a location with good visibility, lighting, and power for LED screen installation. Collect LED panels, mounting gear, cables, and power sources.

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Assembly of LED Panels

Securely fasten and align LED panels as per manufacturer instructions to avoid gaps or misalignment.

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Installation and Mounting

Mount the LED panels securely using appropriate brackets or frames on a sturdy surface. Safely route cables to prevent tripping hazards.

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Software Configuration and Testing

Customize LED software, upload content with Navori and test for optimal functionality and quality.

Find Out More About LED Screens

Learn how LED screens can enhance your visual communication with their brightness, energy efficiency, and longevity. Explore how Navori software can maximize the potential of LED displays in various settings.

Brightness and Visibility

Navori’s software enhances LED displays for better digital advertising visibility.

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Flexibility and Size Options
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Flexibility and Size Options

Navori’s software offers unmatched flexibility for LED displays. With support for various configurations and sizes, businesses can tailor digital signage solutions to specific marketing needs and use LED technology effectively for both outdoor and indoor displays.

High Resolution and Clarity

Navori’s software enhances the clarity and resolution of content on LED screens. Our advanced content management system enables businesses to deliver crisp, high-quality visuals that captivate audiences.

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Remote Management and Control

Navori software enables remote LED display management with internet access. Users can update content, adjust settings, and monitor performance from anywhere, simplifying maintenance and saving time and resources.

Drive-thru Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

Navori Labs offers restaurant digital signage software for LED screens.

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Navori Insight

Navori Insight uses AI to anonymously gather data on your LED screen viewers, allowing you to adjust content more effectively. With real-time reporting, you can track performance and make quick changes for better results.

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Navori Insight

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