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Built-in Audience Measurement

Unlocking Viewers’ Insights by Understanding Attendance and Attention

Connect a visual sensor to the standalone player and obtain metrics on viewer's activity
Know your audience Know your audience

Understand foot traffic, demographics, and engagement for targeted campaigns.

Get metrics on ad performances Get metrics on ad performances

Gain real-world ad performance insights for effective content strategies.

Keep your advertisers happy Keep your advertisers happy

Provide actionable data for satisfied marketers and advertisers for impactful campaigns.


Get Metrics on Footfall  Surrounding Your Screens

Footfall is a valuable metric for marketers in measuring the actual audience of a screen. It helps advertisers in selecting the most strategic locations for DOOH screens and calculate the Cost Per Person Reached (CPP).

Find Out How Many Vehicles Pass the Outdoor Screen

Understanding the volume and flow of vehicle traffic around outdoor LED screens helps advertisers estimate the potential audience size and the cost of an advertising per capita.


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Track Your Audience’s Gender and Age Range Breakdown

The audience around the screen represents a diverse spectrum of genders. Advertisers or marketers use Navori to get insights and tailor content to demographics.

Break Down Audience Measurements Per Weekday and by the Hour

Understand peak times and patterns of viewer traffic. This insight can help optimize content scheduling, displaying more engaging content during high-traffic periods.


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Tell for How Long the Audience Had an Opportunity to See the Screen or Ad

Measure how many passerby actually had the opportunities to see” (OTS) the screen.It’s a measurement of the exposure that an ad might have actually received.

Know for How Long the Audience Engaged with Every Content or Ad

Conversion duration measures how long the audience engaged with specific content shown on screen.


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Trigger on-the-fly content matching with  audience’s demographics

Ad triggering a modern technique used by some advertisers in DooH. It’s not based on media planning but triggers tailored advertisements in real-time, adapting to the audience’s demographics.

Unlock Insights on Context Aware Content Automation