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Built-in Content Automation

No-Code, Smart Content Automation

Content automation for digital signage involves using technology to automatically create, manage, and display content without constant manual intervention, ensuring that the right content is shown at the right time to the right audience.
Dynamic Personalization Dynamic Personalization

Tailor content uniquely to each viewer to heighten engagement

Better Content Targetting Better Content Targetting

Sharpen content precision to boost efficiency and enhance ROI

Increase viewer engagement Increase viewer engagement

Embed interactive content to stimulate active viewer involvement

Dynamic Content Updates

Using Navori’s integrated data feed manager, dynamic content updates automatically synchronize content from real-time live data feeds. Dynamic content includes displaying live news, weather updates, social media feeds, digital menu boards, or real-time traffic information.

The content changes dynamically as the data changes, ensuring the displayed information remains relevant and current.

Tag and Validity Based Content Automation

Content tagging is a powerful feature that allows you to precisely target specific content to particular screens or locations using tags. For example, content tagged with “Lobby” will confidently display only on screens in the lobby area.

Content Validity lets users predetermine periods, times, and weekdays per content so the player always displays the media according to the preset rules.

Combine Multiple Channels Dynamicaly and Reach a Wider Audience

Use Navori to combine multiple playlist programming and multi-level scheduling by organizing and displaying content from various playlists according to complex, hierarchical rules and schedules. This advanced programming approach enables more dynamic, targeted, and flexible content delivery.

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Tailor Content to Specific Demographics or Preferences

Navori’s integrated Audience analytics and Personalization allow live audience data to tailor content by recognizing audience demographics through sensors or cameras and triggering the display of personalized content – for instance, showing different ads based on the age group or gender of the current viewers.

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Leverage Data-driven Content Automation and Triggering

Navori’s data-driven content programming uses real-time data and dynamic content to create and manage information displays based on specific triggers or conditions. This real-time data can come from third-party systems or audience analysis integrated into Navori’s CMS.

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Access Live Data Right From Your Html5, Locally

Navori is preferred by HTML5 professionals due to its combination of a programming language and advanced animation capabilities. It is crucial to have data feeds available for data-driven content and player attributes, such as tags and geography, each time the media is displayed. Navori’s API allows HTML5 developers to access data feeds and player attributes locally, maintaining reliability even in case of disconnection.

Use Our API to Trigger Content From Any Input

Harness the power to integrate with third-party devices and applications. Trigger content from any input, applying simple rules to bring your interactive scenarios to life.

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