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Built-in Features for Business Dashboards

Display Key Performance Indicators Dashboard by Integrating Any live Data

Using Navori to display business dashboards in the workplace fosters accountability and encourages individuals or teams to stay focused on their targets, and contributions

Increase in Employee Engagement

with real-time data across all departments.

Improvement in decision-making efficiency

when you have access to up-to-the-minute insights through digital signage KPI dashboards.

Identify the needs and pitfalls of a KPI dashboard

In the world of business intelligence and data-driven decisions, effectively showcasing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial. This method not only simplifies analyzing complex data but also enables organizations to quickly spot trends, track progress towards goals, and make smart decisions.

By bringing together and visually presenting data from various sources, businesses get a comprehensive view of their operations, uncover valuable insights, and address potential issues proactively. This page explores the strategies and technologies needed to turn raw data into useful intelligence.

Why organization use Business KPI dashboards to Improve Productivity?

Instant insights for your employees
Navori’s digital signage solutions strategically display business dashboards in key areas, allowing employees to quickly grasp important insights and data trends with just a glance. This efficient presentation keeps staff informed and agile, facilitating better decision-making without the need for deep analysis or system logins.

Enable employees to track performance indicators, and business activities in real time
Navori’s real-time data integration enables employees to actively track performance indicators and business activities as they happen. This feature ensures that the data displayed on digital signage is always current and relevant, empowering employees to monitor progress, spot trends, and respond promptly to evolving business needs.

Streamlined decision making with unified data
Navori’s digital signage software excels in aggregating data from multiple sources into a unified dashboard. This consolidated view of critical information streamlines the decision-making process. Thus, significantly reducing the response time to changes in the business environment.

Reduce the time spent on gathering data from multiple sources
Navori’s digital signage software efficiently gathers data from various sources into a single dashboard, providing a consolidated view of crucial information. This streamlined approach significantly reduces response times to changes in the business environment.

Facilitate communication and collaboration by providing a shared view of data
By presenting a shared view of data through digital signage, Navori promotes improved communication and collaboration among employees. This shared understanding of business metrics and goals fosters a cohesive work environment, aligning teams toward common objectives.

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Real-life Use Cases for Digital KPI Dashboards

Centralize live data from various sources and applications
Navori software specializes in consolidating live data from a variety of sources and applications into a centralized dashboard. This capability grants organizations a comprehensive overview of their operations. By combining data from CRM systems, financial software, social media feeds, and more, all of this information is displayed on digital signage for effortless access and analysis.

Lookup your data, Show only relevant information
Navori software enables businesses to filter and display only the most relevant data on their digital signage. By customizing data lookups, companies can ensure that employees are viewing the most pertinent information, tailored to specific departments or objectives, enhancing efficiency and focus.

Optimize or trigger content based on live data and rules
The software is adept at optimizing and triggering content based on live data and predefined rules. This feature is particularly useful for dynamically adjusting content – for example, showing different KPIs based on the time of day or changing operational conditions, ensuring that the displayed information is always relevant and actionable.

Create your own KPI dashboard in a matter of minutes
Our user-friendly interface allows businesses to create their own customized dashboards quickly and easily. This flexibility ensures that organizations can design dashboards that align with their specific needs and goals without requiring extensive technical expertise.

Show your dashboard across your organization, no matter the type/brand of screen, orientation and resolution
Navori software works with various screens, ensuring accessibility for all employees, no matter the screen type or location.

In conclusion

Navori’s smart digital signage software is perfect for organizations that want to show and use their important data easily. It does this by collecting data from different places in real-time, making it simple to change what’s on the screen, and creating easy-to-read dashboards. This helps businesses make smart decisions fast.

Plus, you can put these dashboards on different types of screens and setups, making the information easy to see and really important. Navori is all about making data from anywhere look clear and powerful. This helps organizations stay competitive in a world that’s all about data.