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DooH Advertising

DooH Advertising Operators Use A Full Featured Software Platform

Navori is shaped for DOOH advertising operators running screens, it is used to manage media planning, slot reservations, programmatic, campaign creation, distribution, playback, and audience measurement

Identify the Needs and Pitfalls

In the fast-moving world of DooH advertising, where ads are shown on various screens outdoors, operators often struggle with managing complicated media plans. Success in this field depends on using software that can handle detailed scheduling, automatic ad placements, and measuring the audience in real-time. Navori stands out as a solution tailored to these needs, offering comprehensive tools for creating, distributing, and playing ads.

However, challenges in programmatic advertising include quickly changing ad content, the need to include up-to-date data, and making sure ads perform well outdoors. Navori tackles these issues effectively, giving operators a dependable and efficient way to manage and sell their advertising campaigns.

Why Use Digital Signage for DooH Advertising?

Impactful Content Management
With Navori’s content management system, you can easily schedule, update, and control ads on different outdoor screens. This is important for keeping ads visible and impactful in outdoor spaces.

Scalable Solutions for Every Campaign
Our software adapts to any size of digital out-of-home (DooH) advertising campaign. It works great whether you’re using one screen or thousands, ensuring smooth operation on all screens and devices.

Reliability in Outdoor Environments
Count on Navori QL’s robust platform to deliver unwavering performance, which is essential for outdoor environments where continuous operation is crucial. Eliminate the possiblity of blank screens and never miss a conversion opportunity again!

Smart Analytics for Campaign Optimization
Navori software provides detailed analytics and reports. These give you important information about how people are responding to your ads and how well your campaign is doing. This helps you make smart changes to improve your campaign and show that your ads are effective.

Real-Time Data Integration
Navori QL integrates live data feeds, viewer demographics, and interactive elements, making outdoor advertisements more dynamic and engaging. This integration is key to creating DOOH advertising that captures audiences attention and delivers relevant messages.


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Real-life Use Cases for DOOH Advertising

Customized Content for Targeted Advertising
Utilize Navori software to customize content based on specific audience segments. The system will then atuaomtcially play the most relevant ad, based on the profile of the person standing in front of the screen. This targeted approach ensures higher engagement rates and a more personalized advertising experience.

Programmatic Advertising with Third-party Integration
Our advertising campaign module can interface with third-party ad booking software (DSP and SSP), simplifying the process of inserting ads into your DOOH advertising playlists. This integration creates a more efficient and automated workflow which ensures that ad slots are filled optimally.

Data Aggregation from Multiple Sources
Navori software excels in pulling together data from a variety of sources, ensuring that your digital signage reflects the most current and relevant advertising content. This feature is especially useful for dynamic environments where information changes rapidly, like transport hubs or busy commercial areas.

Dynamic Content Updates and Scheduling
Navori empowers operators to make quick and timely updates to advertising content. This includes scheduling ads for specific times of the day or in response to real-time events, ensuring that the content is always relevant and engaging for the target audience.

In Conclusion

Navori’s features for digital billboards and outdoor ads are versatile and practical, aimed at making this kind of advertising more effective and efficient. They include gathering data, smoothly combining different software, updating content quickly, and detailed analysis of who is seeing the ads. Navori gives operators the tools to create advanced, flexible, and effective advertising experiences in outdoor settings.


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