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Navori Partner Certification Program

Expand Your Revenue Potential as a Digital Signage Reseller with Navori Software

Navori stands as the pioneer and leader in the digital signage industry, crafting a pivotal software component within the solution you will market to your clients.

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Benefit from the recognition and reputation of Navori, let’s work together!

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Navori brings you opportunities and provides the resources necessary for the satisfaction of your clients

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With 20 years of experience in digital signage, Navori has implemented an end-to-end protection system for your opportunities

Enhance Your Chances of Success, Partner With the Leader

Your most valuable assets are your time, the software, and the satisfaction of your clients, from which your reputation will derive. Over the past two decades, Navori has sold over 1.25 million licenses for digital signage through more than 700 partners.

With us, you won’t be let down when it comes to the software component of your solution.

Do Not Miss a Single Opportunity

Virtually all clients looking to use screens for communication can leverage Navori. Out of the box, Navori software offers over 800 features. Users with specific needs such as advertising, large organizations, or extensive deployments can purchase additional modules and customize the software using the API.

Expand Your Revenue Potential as a Digital Signage Reseller

Offer Professional Demos to Your Clients

Navori can handle software demos in 8 languages. Our innovation centers are located in North America, Latin America, Switzerland, Dubai, and New Delhi. They showcase the latest innovations and are equipped with a variety of screens and content for all types of uses or industries.

Break Free From the Grip of Hardware Manufacturers

Every hardware manufacturer excels in a specific domain or application. However, your clients often combine multiple use cases in a single project, and you serve various clients. They typically provide software that only works on their hardware, which complicates your operations and limits scalability for your clients.

Navori is the solution because our software is more professional, versatile, and powerful, resulting is a complete freedom to choose, project by project, which hardware to incorporate into your solutions.

Hardware Manufacturers

Choose One Software For All Your Digital Signage Solutions

Should your customer base be diverse, you may have found yourself in the past using multiple digital signage software, each requiring investments in learning, complicating your operations and costs.

Navori can simplify your business life with a single software, catering to all types of clients, needs, and hardware.

Join us as a certified reseller - empower success together!


Select the Business Model That Best Suits Your Project

Navori offers two editions of its software, aiming to offer intuitive interfaces that resonate with users.

In addition, we propose our partners various business and licensing models:

  • SaaS subscription hosted and managed by Navori,
  • On-premise solutions where the backend is hosted by either the partner or the client. Licenses are available for purchase as perpetual licenses or on a subscription basis.

The Navori Personalization Department Tailors Your Solutions to Meet the Users’ Needs

Every project comes with unique requirements. Some clients may request a specific real-time data connector, while others may prefer integrating a particular sensor with the player. Navori provides a customization service that utilizes the API to create certified adaptations tailored to fulfill your clients’ most specific needs.


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