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Player App for Navori StiX 3700 I Standalone Device

Big Performance, Pocket-Sized and Hands-Free Setup

The StiX 3700 is a versatile, compact powerful 4K standalone player powered by Android that renders your Digital Signage Rich Media on any screen. Get the most out of your digital signage, consider purchasing the complete solution including standalone player + software!

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Performance index: 98 /100

Meet the meticulously crafted StiX 3700, designed to seamlessly work with the Navori’s Native Player App. This  guarantees a professional-grade performance that enhances every aspect of your digital signage experience.

The StiX 3700 is excellent at showing content with flexibility. It smoothly changes between different types of content on screens from various brands and orientations. You can trust that your visuals will always look good.

Plus, when you use the StiX 3700 with the Navori Player, multiple devices can work together smoothly. They can easily show content on multiple 4K screens, creating a unified and immersive experience for your audience.

And don’t forget about the convenience of zero-touch deployment. With automated setup, software updates, and essential settings managed automatically, you can simplify the process of getting things up and running. No more manual tasks – enjoy a faster, more efficient, and error-free setup experience.

Discover the StiX 3700, where great performance and precision come together to improve your digital signage projects.

Redefining Green Power in Media Players

The StiX 3700 by Navori makes a big impact on reducing carbon emissions in digital signage.

First, the software controls the screens automatically, following strict European retail regulations, and this extends the product’s life. Second, Navori’s software enhances remote control, reducing the need for physical travel and cutting carbon emissions. Additionally, its design is much smaller and lighter, 8 times less than traditional PCs or media players.

This compact device uses 8 times less electricity over its lifetime compared to standard PCs.


  • Professional-grade  media playback, regardless of the content sophistication being displayed
  • Supports all functionalities available in the Navori software, including interactive Digital Signage
  • The Zero-Touch Deployment attributes facilitate an easy on-site installation by non-technical personnel


  • No HDMI loop through

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Typical use cases

The StiX 3700 is designed to power your digital signage across various sectors seamlessly. It fits well in retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, transportation, corporate environments, entertainment venues, and more.

Its adaptability covers all sizes and orientations, making it compatible with LCDs, OLEDs, and LED screens of different sizes, resolutions, and orientations. The StiX 3700 is a flexible solution to meet the diverse communication needs across all screen types and applications.

Retail and Commercial Advertising:
Take advantage of the StiX 3700’s 4K video capabilities for vibrant and detailed advertising displays in retail and commercial settings. Create compelling advertising that grabs and keeps customer attention, enhancing brand visibility and promoting products.

Corporate Communication and Boardrooms:
Utilize the StiX 3700 for high-quality corporate presentations and communication. It supports various content formats and seamlessly integrates with existing systems. Enhance corporate environments with professional and informative displays conveying company news, metrics, and branding elegantly.

Public Information and Wayfinding:
Use the StiX 3700 in public spaces for wayfinding and information sharing. Its compact size allows discreet installation, and it handles various content types efficiently. Improve the distribution of public information, enhancing the user experience and the efficiency of public services with accessible and dynamic digital signage.

Hardware specifications

Product Stix 3700 ref # HW-05
GPU Mali G52MP6
Processor Quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 & Dual-core ARM Cortex-A53
Storage Internal 16GB (11GB Available for content storage) + Micro SD Slot hosting card of up to 128 GB
Dimensions L: 4.33 in. W: 1.77 in. H: 0.79 in.
LAN Ethernet RJ45 – Gigabit
WiFi 5G and 2.4G dual channel
Operating system Google Android 9