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Built-in Features for Alert Notification

Automate Alert Evacuation Messaging Across Your Screens

During emergencies, quick and clear communication is crucial. Navori Software provides a reliable solution for delivering emergency alerts, ensuring safety when it matters most.

Reduce Response Times

using digital signage for emergency alerts

Average Engagement Rate

compared to a 20% engagement rate for traditional notification methods

Identify the needs and pitfalls

Automating alert evacuation messaging across your screens streamlines safety protocols and ensures timely communication during emergencies. With Navori Software, critical messages can be instantly disseminated across multiple screens in various locations within a facility. This automation eliminates the need for manual intervention, allowing for swift and uniform distribution of evacuation instructions, safety protocols, or emergency alerts.
By integrating data-driven automated systems with Navori software, businesses can efficiently relay crucial information, guiding individuals to business alerts leading to quick response.

Why Use Instant Alert Publishing on your Digital Signage Screens?

Emergency Notifications
In critical situations, quick and effective communication is essential. Navori’s digital signage software allows for instant broadcasting of emergency notifications on all screens. This ensures that vital safety messages, like severe weather warnings or security alerts, reach your audience promptly. Our system is designed for reliability and speed, ensuring that emergency information is shared quickly and efficiently when time is crucial.

Amber Alert
Leverage your digital signage network to assist in urgent community situations, such as Amber Alerts. Navori’s software can connect with national and local Amber Alert systems to display real-time notifications. This not only helps spread critical information rapidly but also shows your organization’s commitment to community safety and responsiveness.

Building Evacuation
During evacuations, clear and simple communication is vital for safety. Navori’s digital signage solution can display evacuation routes and instructions, guiding occupants to safety. The ability to instantly update and customize messages in different building areas makes the evacuation process more effective, especially in large or complex facilities.


Government and Public Safety Alerts
Navori’s digital signage software seamlessly integrates with alerts from government agencies and public safety authorities. This integration enables real-time broadcasting of critical information such as national security alerts or public health warnings. Our system prioritizes these authoritative alerts, overriding regular content to ensure that essential messages reach the public immediately and effectively.

Localized alerts issued by weather services
Stay informed about severe weather conditions with Navori’s ability to display localized alerts from weather services. Our software can automatically receive and broadcast updates about impending weather events like storms, heatwaves, or severe cold spells. This feature is crucial for ensuring your audience’s safety by providing timely information to prepare for and respond to weather-related emergencies.

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Real-life Use Cases

Integration with a building’s fire alert system
Navori’s digital signage software can be integrated directly with a building’s fire alert system. This integration allows for the automatic activation of emergency signage in the event of a fire, displaying evacuation routes and safety instructions. This instant communication is crucial for a swift and organized evacuation, ensuring the safety of all occupants.

Integration with a Common Alert Protocol issued by local authorities
Our software supports integration with the Common Alert Protocol (CAP) used by local authorities. This means that in the event of a local emergency, such as a natural disaster or a public safety threat, the system can instantly switch to display relevant alerts and instructions, ensuring timely and accurate information dissemination.

Data-driven alerts based on Stock market values, product inventory, etc.
The Navori platform is also capable of displaying data-driven alerts. This could include real-time updates on stock market fluctuations, inventory levels, or other critical business metrics. Such alerts can be invaluable in corporate environments, allowing for immediate response to market changes or internal issues.

Alert triggered by a push button or mobile application..
Finally, our system can be configured to trigger alerts via a push button or QL mobile. This feature allows for immediate response to situational emergencies, whether it’s a security issue or a health emergency, enabling staff or security personnel to instantly alert and guide people to safety.

In conclusion

In summary, Navori’s digital signage software is a crucial tool for improving safety and responsiveness in various settings. It easily integrates with fire alert systems, the Common Alert Protocol, and data-driven systems. It can also be manually triggered to ensure urgent messages are conveyed quickly and effectively.

Whether it’s for emergency evacuations, public safety alerts, or important business updates, Navori’s solution enables organizations to stay well-prepared and adaptable. Our commitment to safety, combined with the advanced technology of our digital signage software, makes Navori a trusted and essential partner in managing emergency and alert communications.