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Built-in Features for CAP Alerts & Emergency Notifications

Automating alert evacuation messaging across your screens makes following safety rules easier and ensures fast communication in emergencies. Navori Software lets you quickly send important messages across many screens in different places. This automatic process means you don’t have to send these messages by hand, making sure everyone gets evacuation directions, safety steps, or emergency alerts at the same time.

With Navori software and automated systems, businesses can share vital information quickly, helping guide people during emergencies and leading to quicker reactions.

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Features for Emergency Alert Messaging

Seamlessly Integrate with Emergency Alert Systems

Seamlessly Integrate with Emergency Alert Systems

Navori software is designed to effortlessly connect with the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), a system widely used by local authorities to send out emergency information. This ensures that critical alerts and updates can be directly fed into your digital signage network in real time. Additionally, Navori supports integration with other alert systems such as OmniAlert, expanding the range of emergency notifications your digital signage can display.

Live Data and Real-Time Updates

Live Data and Real-Time Updates

Stay informed with instant updates on evolving weather conditions and emergencies. Navori’s software ensures you receive real-time alerts about severe weather, natural disasters, or other critical emergencies. This feature is crucial for maintaining awareness and preparing for rapid response to protect your community and assets.

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Conditional Trigger, Complete Override

Conditional Trigger, Complete Override

With Navori’s conditional triggering, set up emergency notifications ahead of time. When certain conditions are met, the screen will fully switch to show your prepared emergency messages, ensuring immediate and clear communication during critical situations.

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Data-Driven Automation

Data-Driven Automation

By using data-driven automation with Navori software, businesses can efficiently relay crucial information, ensuring timely alerts that prompt quick actions. This integration triggers personalized messages based on specific data, enhancing communication accuracy across the organization.

Whether optimizing retail sales or updating corporate settings, Navori’s platform supports diverse data inputs and system integration, boosting efficiency and adaptability. Consequently, this approach enhances responsiveness, helping businesses stay agile and respond swiftly to changes, fostering a more connected operational environment.

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Emergency Messaging in 4 Easy Steps

Setting up emergency alert messaging in Navori can be streamlined into four easy steps, ensuring that your organization can quickly communicate critical information during emergencies:

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Integration with Alert Systems

Start by connecting Navori to existing emergency alert systems, such as the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) used by local authorities. Consequently, this connection allows Navori to automatically receive and display emergency notifications, ensuring that vital information is quickly and efficiently shared.

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Configure Alert Triggers

Set up and configure alert triggers in the Navori software. Specify when emergency alerts should go off, for situations like natural disasters or security threats. This way, the system will automatically react to these important events.

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Design and Preload Content

Design and preload emergency content that will be displayed when an alert is triggered. This could include evacuation routes, safety instructions, or contact information. Having this content ready ensures that it can be displayed instantly without delay, providing clear guidance during critical situations.

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Test and Validate

Regularly test the emergency alert system to ensure it works as expected. Conduct drills to validate the functionality and visibility of the alerts. Testing helps identify any issues or improvements needed to guarantee that the system will perform effectively in an actual emergency.

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Explore how Navori’s emergency alert messaging system can enhance safety protocols by delivering timely and critical information across your digital signage network.

Government and Public Safety Alerts

Navori’s digital signage software works directly with alerts from government and public safety agencies. It can instantly share important updates like security or health warnings. The system makes these official alerts a priority, pausing regular content so that crucial information quickly and effectively gets to the public.

Weather-based Emergency Notifications

Get updates on severe weather with Navori’s ability to show local alerts from weather services. Our software automatically retrieves and shares news on upcoming storms, heat waves, or cold spells. This keeps your audience safe by giving them the information they need to get ready for and deal with weather emergencies.

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Amber Alerts

Use your digital signage to help in urgent situations like Amber Alerts. Navori’s software links to both national and local Amber Alert systems to show real-time alerts. This quickly shares important information and shows your commitment to keeping the community safe.

Status Board

Building Evacuation

Clear communication is essential during evacuations. Navori’s digital signage shows evacuation paths and instructions to lead people to safety. Instantly changing and tailoring messages for different parts of a building makes evacuations smoother, especially in large or complicated places.

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Integrate with Your Building’s Fire Alert System

Connect directly with a building’s fire alert system. This setup automatically triggers emergency signs during a fire, showing evacuation paths and safety tips. Quick sharing of this information is key for a fast and orderly evacuation, keeping everyone safe.

Integrate with Common Alert Protocol from Local Authorities

Our software is fully compatible with the Common Alert Protocol (CAP) utilized by local governments. In the occurrence of a local emergency, such as natural disasters or public safety hazards, our system is capable of instantly transitioning to display appropriate alerts and instructions. This functionality guarantees the prompt and precise distribution of critical information.

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Data-driven Alerts Based on Stock Market Values

Excel at showcasing data-driven alerts, such as real-time stock market trends, inventory statuses, or key business indicators. These alerts are particularly useful in corporate settings, enabling swift reactions to market shifts or internal challenges.


Alert Triggered by a Push Button or Mobile Application

Finally, our system can be configured to trigger alerts via a push button or QL mobile. This feature allows for immediate response to situational emergencies, whether it’s a security issue or a health emergency, enabling staff or security personnel to instantly alert and guide people to safety.

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