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Built-in Multi-player Content Synchronization

Deliver an Immersive Viewing Experience with Navori Player Sync

Navori Player app is featuring synchronization and simultaneous playback of rich media content across multiple screens and players, on any supported hardware
A Unified Visual Storytelling A Unified Visual Storytelling

Your content seamlessly flows across multiple screens, it creates a unified narrative or visual story.

An Expanded Field of View An Expanded Field of View

By synchronizing content across multiple players, this contributes to a more immersive experience

Strengthens Consistency Strengthens Consistency

Content synchronization enhances the impact of the visual message


Use a Multi-head PC to Screen Synchronized Content

Users can connect up to 16 full HD screens to a single computer. Navori Player IPR offers 10 rendering models, delivering unparalleled performances.

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Sync Multiple Media Players

Aligning the playback of content simultaneously on different media devices. Navori Player software includes an IP-based time synchronization module, simplifying installation and post-deployment maintenance.

Take a Deeper Dive in Multi-player Content Sync

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Sync Any Type of Content

Navori Player software synchronizes all supported content types across various hardware types and brands. The only requirement is: Media players and the content must have / use equivalent CPU/GPU power.