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Built-in Features for Screen Synchronization

Sync Content Across Multiple Screens, Ensuring Coherent Messaging

Using Navori for sync of content across multiple devices, renders your visual message in perfect harmony, and ensures an immersive experiences across a range of devices or screens

Of Businesses

Have experienced a reduction in operational costs by implementing player synchronization

Of Businesses

Use synchronized digital signage players report a noticeable increase in customer engagement and retention

Identify the needs and pitfalls

The need for synchronizing digital signage content across multiple player devices or screens arises from the demand for consistent and unified messaging across diverse locations or screens within a network. Businesses require content synchronization to ensure that audiences receive the same information simultaneously, or to unify digital menu boards or video walls.

However, pitfalls can emerge in this process, particularly related to technical intricacies. Navori comes with a content module, IP-driven, ensuring seamless synchronization across various player devices, provided that the screens or media players are identical and of equivalent power.

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Why use Navori content synchronization?

Render a Unified Visual Storytelling
Navori’s content synchronization technology allows for crafting a unified storytelling experience across multiple screens. This feature enables you to create a cohesive visual journey, ensuring that your narrative flows seamlessly from one display to the next. Whether you’re showcasing a brand story, educational content, or promotional material, Navori’s synchronization ensures that your visuals and messages maintain continuity, enhancing the overall impact and viewer engagement.

Strengthens a consistent and Coherent Message
Consistency is key in digital signage, and Navori ensures that your message remains consistent and coherent across all displays, regardless of their types or locations. This uniformity is crucial for brand reinforcement and message clarity. Navori software supports synchronization across various player types, ensuring that whether your screens are indoors, outdoors, or different models, they all display content in a harmonious and synchronized manner.

Facilitates innovative and creative content strategies
With Navori software, you can unleash innovative and creative content strategies that stand out. The software’s ability to sync diverse types of content – from static images to dynamic videos – across multiple screens allows for unparalleled creativity in your campaigns. You can experiment with synchronized multimedia, interactive displays, and more, keeping your content fresh, engaging, and unique.

Grabs and sustains audience attention
In today’s fast-paced world, grabbing and sustaining audience attention is crucial. Navori synchronized content across multiple screens achieves just that. By creating dynamic, captivating displays that draw people in and keep them interested, Navori software helps you engage your audience more effectively. This synchronization not only attracts attention but also makes the viewing experience more memorable, enhancing the effectiveness of your communication.

Content Synchronization

Real-life Use Cases

Available on any Navori Player supported Hardware, either commercial screens, stand-alone devices and multi-head PCs
Navori software’s content synchronization shines across all supported hardware types. Whether you use commercial screens, stand-alone devices, or multi-head PCs, Navori ensures seamless content delivery. This versatility means you can implement synchronized digital signage in various settings – from retail shops to corporate offices. No matter the device, Navori’s software brings consistency and reliability to your digital displays.

Synchronize any type of content
There’s no limit to the type of content you can synchronize. From high-definition videos to dynamic animations and static images, the software handles it all with ease. This capability allows for diverse and rich content strategies, catering to different audiences and purposes. Whether it’s advertising, information dissemination, or creating an ambiance, Navori ensures your content stays synchronized across all screens.

Deliver a true immersive experience by combining several stand-alone player devices
Take the immersive experience to a new level by combining several stand-alone player devices. Imagine a retail space where screens around the store sync to showcase a fashion runway show or a corporate lobby where screens work together to create an engaging welcome experience. Navori’s synchronization capability makes these scenarios possible, offering viewers a captivating and unified visual experience.

Benefit from a 1/30th of a second accuracy
Precision is key in content synchronization, and Navori software delivers with an accuracy of 1/30th of a second. This means that your content across multiple screens will be perfectly in sync, down to the fraction of a second. This level of precision is crucial for ensuring a fluid and coherent viewing experience, especially in scenarios where timing and synchronization are critical to the impact of the content.

In conclusion

Navori’s feature for syncing content works well with many types of hardware. It can handle all kinds of content and makes sure the experience is really engaging and accurate. This shows how committed Navori is to offering flexible, trustworthy, and precise digital signage solutions. It’s a great option for businesses and organizations that want to improve how they communicate digitally.

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