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Built-in features for Storefront Signage

Navori digital signage software can help businesses create appealing storefront displays that attract customers and showcase their products and promotions.

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Increase in Sales by showing flash sales and limited-time offers
Customer Engagement thanks to Interactivity
Foot Traffic with high-brightness, high-resolution displays
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Enhanced Visual Impact

Enhanced Visual Impact

Get noticed with our high-resolution digital signage that offers unparalleled brightness and clarity even in direct sunlight and crowded shopping environments.

Dynamic Content Management

Dynamic Content Management

Use Navori’s content management system to update your storefront signage instantly from anywhere. Keep your content fresh, engaging, and relevant with real-time promotions, news, and messages.

Interactive Engagement

Interactive Engagement

Interactive storefront displays allow customers to engage through touch screens, gesture recognition, and mobile integration.

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Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics

Track engagement metrics to optimize content and improve ROI with advanced analytics capabilities.

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How it works in 4 easy steps

Navori simplifies storefront signage implementation for you. We handle everything from hardware selection to content performance monitoring. Follow four easy steps to maximize the potential of your storefront signage.

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Select Hardware

Choose from a range of hardware options that best fit your storefront signage’s exterior aesthetic and functional needs.

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Install Software

Easily install Navori software for smooth storefront signage operation on different operating systems and hardware configurations.

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Customize Content

Create stunning storefront signage with Navori Template Designer. Use drag-and-drop elements or dynamic content features to customize your designs integrating on real-time data.

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Analyze and Optimize

Monitor customer engagement and optimize content strategy using analytics to drive foot traffic.

Increased Visibility

Transform your store into a magnet for customers by installing eye-catching storefront signage that will draw in passersby and drive your sales through the roof!

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience by providing interactive and informative content about your products and promotions.

Brand Consistency

Reinforce your brand identity by consistently displaying your message on all storefront signage.

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value
Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Cost Efficiency

Storefront signs are a cost-effective and reusable digital platform that reduces the need for print advertising and adapts to your marketing needs.

Retail Enhancements

Customize your storefront signage solutions to meet your retail business’s specific marketing objectives, enhancing both appeal and performance.

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Seamless Integrations

Integrate your storefront signage seamlessly with existing CRM and ERP systems to streamline operations and enhance customer insights.

Content Customization

Personalize how you communicate with potential customers through customizable content solutions that cater to diverse marketing strategies.

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Full Support

Access comprehensive support services that ensure your storefront signage systems are always functional and up-to-date.

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