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Built-in Features for Storefront Screens

Grab Passers-by Attention and Increase Storefront Foot Traffic Using Digital Signage

Storefront digital signage is used to attracts passersby showcasing promotions and products and get insight on foot traffic and dwell time

more foot traffic

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Increase in User Engagement

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Identify the needs and pitfalls of storefront digital signage

Storefront digital signage is a great way to grab the attention of people passing by retail stores. It makes storefronts look attractive and helps businesses showcase promotions, highlight products, and convey their brand messages effectively.

The content on these signs should be customized based on how long people typically linger around and how far they are from the screen. It’s essential to keep the displayed content relevant to passersby without creating a cluttered environment. Navori software handles content delivery and provides data on foot traffic and how long people stay near the storefront digital signage.

Why use Storefront Digital Signage?

Enhance visibility and draw potential customers into the store
Storefront digital signage, powered by Navori, transforms how you attract potential customers. Vivid and dynamic displays increase your store’s visibility. Navori’s software allows for crisp, clear imagery and smooth animations that grab the attention of passersby, making your storefront more inviting and engaging. This visual appeal is essential for standing out and drawing in a crowd.

Showcase current promotions, sales, or events instantly
Navori digital signage software allows you to display current promotions, sales, or events instantly. You can easily update content to match ongoing sales or flash deals, ensuring your advertising is always timely and on point. Navori’s user-friendly interface and remote content management enable you to adjust your messages quickly, making the most of every marketing chance.

Inform customers about products and services
Storefront digital signage is a useful tool for informing customers about your products and services. Using Navori software, you can present in-depth product details, service descriptions, or brand stories in an engaging way. This not only grabs attention but also enhances the customer’s understanding of what you offer, making their overall experience better.

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Real-life Use Cases for Storefront Digital Signage

Hardware Setup
Navori’s software is compatible with a wide range of hardware setups, ensuring your storefront digital signage runs smoothly. Whether you have high-resolution screens, LED displays, or interactive kiosks, Navori’s software seamlessly integrates, offering consistent performance and reliability.

Content Creation
Creating captivating content for your storefront is straightforward with Navori. The software comes with user-friendly tools that allow you to design and publish eye-catching visuals and messages. From drag-and-drop functionality to pre-designed templates, Navori makes it easy to craft content that resonates with your audience.

Get footfall insights
Navori software not only displays content but also provides valuable insights into foot traffic. Monitor how many people stop to view your signage and for how long. This data is crucial for understanding customer behavior and optimizing your content strategy for maximum impact.

In conclusion

In summary, Navori software provides a robust and flexible solution for businesses seeking to attract passers-by and increase foot traffic. With its capability to improve visibility, immediately promote offers, and inform customers about products and services, Navori offers a complete toolkit for creating vibrant and effective storefront displays.

The software’s user-friendliness, compatibility with different hardware, and valuable analytics make it an essential asset for any retail business aiming to distinguish itself and effectively connect with potential customers in today’s competitive market.