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Built-in Enterprise and Compliance Features

An Enterprise-Grade Solution Tailored to Meet the Requirements of Organizations

Our software undergoes thorough testing, upholds premium quality benchmarks, and is accompanied by comprehensive documentation and global support
Scalability Scalability

Effortlessly manage vast numbers of players, data, and users with Navori, guaranteeing unaltered performance.

Reliability and Stability Reliability and Stability

Depends on Navori’s robust architecture for unwavering performance, even during intensive use.

Integration Capabilities Integration Capabilities

Enhance your ecosystem with our Enterprise solution’s API, designed for seamless integration.

Segment and Manage Various Levels of Users and Facilities

Tailor user access and permissions for various roles and departments, ensuring efficient control and security. Implement robust protocols to safeguard sensitive data and content while benefiting from bulk operations and advanced group management features for seamless administration.

Tailor User Views and Roles Based on the Needs of Your Organization

Define custom roles for precise control over user actions and access levels. Assign specific permissions for content creation, editing, and publishing, ensuring content integrity. Restrict user access to selected content items as needed.

Use SSO to Secure User Authentication from a Single Identity Provider

Enforce security standards with Navori QL’s SSO integration, including SAML 2.0, which enables authentication through single identity providers (IdPs).

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Streamline Content Approval Workflow and Collaboration

Benefit from multi-level approval processes that uphold content quality and consistency. Foster real-time collaboration and feedback across your teams, enhancing content creation.


Straightforward Process of Installing and Activating Your Player Software

Our hardware and software are designed for a rapid deployment process. The STiX 3700 player device comes pre-installed with Navori player software, ensuring a hassle-free start.

Monitor User Activities and Performances

Gain insights into system usage, performance, and security with Navori. Monitor user activity to understand system usage and track real-time player status and content updates for effective oversight.

Buy or Rent Licenses, Run from Our Cloud, or Self-host Your CMS

Choose from various licensing options that align with your organizational needs and budgets. To best suit your requirements, opt for cloud-based or self-hosted solutions.

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Navori Delivers Software and Service SOC2 Certified

Ensure security with Navori SOC II-compliant software and services. SOC 2 certification provides various benefits that improve security, compliance, trust, and operational performance for organizations handling sensitive customer data.

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Tailor Navori to Fit Your Specific Needs, Workflows, and Data Source

Navori’s APIs serve as the bridge that enhances enterprise digital signage systems’ functionality, flexibility, and efficiency, enabling integration with databases, ERP and CRM databases, or external data sources.

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Get a first-class SLA, including support and software updates

Experience a top-tier support system with Navori, including advanced encryption and security protocols to safeguard all your system data. Benefit from regular security audits, ensuring the highest level of data protection.