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Built-in Features for Smartphone Interactivity

Non-desk Employees Can Interact With the Screen Using a Smart Phone

Interaction with screen content using Navori CMS for smart phones arises from the necessity for convenient access to digital displays, enabling swift updates, content modifications

Increase in Customer Interaction

Engaging content, quick updates, and real-time messaging capture and retain customer attention, enhancing their overall experience.

Reduction in Content Errors

Non-desk employees can efficiently manage and update on-screen content, reducing costly mistakes and ensuring a consistent brand image.

Identify the needs and pitfalls

The demand for controlling and interacting with screen content via a mobile phone stems from the growing need for seamless, on-the-go access to digital displays. Organizations seek convenience in managing and engaging with screen content, allowing for quick updates, content changes, or interactive experiences without being physically present at the display location.

However, pitfalls in this scenario might arise, primarily concerning technical compatibility. Ensuring that the mobile application seamlessly with various screen types, sizes, and operating systems poses a challenge. Navori software comes with IP-based interaction, making it possible and instantaneous regardless of the hardware used. No specific configuration is required; all that’s needed is a smartphone connected to the internet

Why using a smart phone to control your Digital Signage?

Convenient for in-the-field employees
For employees who are constantly on the move or working in the field, the ability to control digital signage via a smartphone is incredibly convenient. Navori QL Mobile empowers these workers by allowing them to manage and update screen content directly from their smartphones. This flexibility ensures that digital signage remains relevant and up-to-date, even in fast-paced or remote work scenarios.

Employees can tailor or trigger content base on situations, preferences, or behaviors
With QL Mobile, employees have the power to customize or activate content based on specific situations, personal preferences, or observed behaviors. This adaptability is key in creating relevant and engaging digital signage experiences. Staff can quickly change promotions, information, or interactive elements on the screens to align with current events, audience demographics, or even weather conditions, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Touchless interaction, control one or multiple players regardless the hardware used
Navori software supports touchless interaction, allowing staff to control one or multiple digital signage players, regardless of the hardware or screen type. This flexibility is particularly useful for businesses with a diverse range of digital signage setups, as it standardizes control and simplifies management across all devices. The touchless feature adds convenience but also enhances hygiene, an important consideration in today’s health-conscious environment.

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Real-life Use Cases

Take a photo with your smartphone and publish it instantly
Imagine capturing an event or a new product with your smartphone and instantly displaying it on your digital signage. With QL Mobile, this is not just possible but incredibly simple. This feature is perfect for dynamic environments like retail stores or event spaces, where sharing real-time visuals can significantly enhance customer engagement.

Edit your products, prices in real-time
Navori QL Mobile offers the flexibility to edit product details and prices on your digital signage in real-time, directly from your smartphone. This functionality is especially useful in fast-paced retail or restaurant environments where prices and products change frequently, ensuring that your digital signage always displays the most current information.

Post an instant message, on the go!
Need to communicate something urgently? QL Mobile allows you to post instant messages to your digital signage from anywhere. This is ideal for on-the-spot announcements, emergency information, or just keeping your team updated with the latest news or targets.

Show and tell, trigger on-demand content for your customers
Engage your customers with on-demand content using QL Mobile. Whether it’s a product demo video, customer testimonials, or interactive content, you can trigger these on your digital signage screens instantly. This feature adds an interactive dimension to your customer’s shopping experience, giving them more control over what they want to see.

Control your screens live
With Navori QL Mobile, controlling your screens live from your smartphone is effortless. This capability is crucial for environments where content needs to be updated or changed frequently, such as corporate lobbies, educational institutions, or public spaces. Live control ensures that your digital signage is always relevant, timely, and engaging.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Navori QL Mobile transforms how non-desk employees interact with digital signage. Providing an array of tools for instant content management and engagement. From publishing photos and editing product information to posting messages and controlling screens live, QL Mobile ensures that digital signage remains a powerful, responsive communication tool in any setting.