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Built-in Features for CMS for Smartphone

The increasing need for remote control and interaction with screen content through mobile phones arises from the desire for seamless access and management of digital displays. Organizations are looking for ways to conveniently update and engage with screen content, enabling rapid changes and interactive experiences from any location. This capability is essential for dynamic content management without the necessity of being physically present at the display site.

Supported on Android and iOS smartphones

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Increase in Customer Interaction
Reduction in Content Errors

Features for Smartphones

Remote Content Management

Remote Content Management

Navori Mobile allows users to manage and update digital signage content remotely from their smartphones. This feature enables quick changes to displays without needing access to a desktop computer.

Content Manager Smartphones
Real-Time Interactivity

Real-Time Interactivity

Users can interact with digital signage in real-time, adjusting content on-the-fly based on immediate needs or audience interactions. This includes launching campaigns, modifying advertisements, or updating informational displays instantly.

Interactivity on Smartphones
User Access Control

User Access Control

Navori Mobile supports multiple user roles and permissions, allowing controlled access based on user responsibilities. This feature ensures that only authorized personnel can make changes, maintaining security and consistency across digital signage network

CMS User permissions for Smartphones
Trigger on the Fly

Trigger on the Fly

With Navori Mobile, users have the flexibility to instantly trigger specific media or playlists directly from their smartphone. This on-the-fly capability is perfect for adapting to real-time events or audience feedback, allowing for dynamic changes to the displayed content without any delay. Whether it’s responding to a live event or updating promotions, Navori Mobile empowers users to manage their digital signage swiftly and effectively.

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Login and Access

Start by logging into the Navori Mobile app on your smartphone. The user-friendly interface immediately grants you access to your digital signage network, ensuring you can manage content from anywhere.

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Select Content or Data

Choose the content and data you want to update. The app’s streamlined navigation allows you to quickly find and select specific media or playlists for broadcasting.

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Customize Content and Edit Data

Edit or upload new content directly from your smartphone. You can adjust scheduling options, change text and images This step ensures your digital signage always feature the most relevant and timely information.

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Once your content is ready, decide how long you wish the content or playlist tp broadcast for. Navori Mobile allows you to instantly push updates and also monitor the performance and status of your displays, ensuring your communications are effective and engaging.

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Navori CMS for smartphones enables on-the-go management and instant updates to digital signage, offering a flexible and efficient communication solution.

Convenience for Field Employees

Navori Mobile makes it easy for employees who are always on the move or working remotely to manage and update digital signage content right from their smartphones. This ensures that digital displays can be kept current and effective, regardless of the employee’s location.

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Adaptive Content Management

Employees can easily update or change content right away based on different situations, preferences, or what they see happening. For example, they can update promotions to match who is watching or change messages because of the weather. With Navori Mobile, digital signage becomes more relevant and engaging.

Touchless Control Across Devices

Navori Mobile supports touchless interactions, enabling staff to control one or multiple digital signage players without the need to physically touch the devices. This feature works across various hardware and screen types, providing a universal solution that simplifies management and enhances hygiene in public spaces.

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Real-Time Content Updates

With real-time control, updates to digital signage content can be made instantly, ensuring that the information displayed is always relevant and timely. This capability is essential for businesses that need to respond quickly to changing conditions or want to keep their communications fresh and engaging.

CMS for Smartphone Designed for Employees

Instant Photo Publishing

Capture and display event or product photos directly from your smartphone. With Navori Mobile, swiftly sharing real-time visuals enhances engagement, making it ideal for retail or event spaces.

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Real-Time Editing

Update product details and prices on your digital signage instantly from your smartphone. This capability is crucial in environments like retail or restaurants, where item details can change rapidly, ensuring always accurate displays.


Instant Messaging and Trigger on Demand

Post urgent messages to your digital signage from anywhere. Use Navori Mobile for immediate announcements, emergency alerts, or to keep your team informed with the latest news or objectives.

Engage customers with interactive content triggered directly from your smartphone. Showcase product demos, customer testimonials, or other interactive materials on your digital signage, enhancing the customer experience on the spot.

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

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