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Meeting Room Scheduling Solutions

Meeting Room Signage

Businesses are increasingly using meeting room signage to improve communication. This signage displays up-to-date information about meetings and events, helping employees quickly find key details such as the location, time, and agenda. This reduces the need for manual messaging.

Additionally, meeting room signage makes managing meeting spaces more efficient. Employees can easily see which rooms are available, saving time and increasing productivity. They can check availability, reserve, and book rooms through the signage, streamlining meeting organization. Overall, meeting room signage simplifies and enhances the meeting management process.

Navori is now officially referred to by – and compatible with – micros Fidelio opera

Navori is referenced by Micros Fidelio in their Hotel Room and Catering Management system, OPERA.

This integration allows the easy transfer of room scheduling details from the OPERA application to a centralized XML file per room. This process ensures up-to-date and synchronized information across all bookings, whether centralized or decentralized.

The Navori Player software is adept at retrieving this data, enabling the incorporation and display of live information in various content templates. This includes integration with infotainment, advertisements, promotions, or branding content, either as a main feature or as an overlay.

Crucially, the system can display comprehensive meeting room occupation data and provide directional guidance (wayfinding) at key locations like entrances or lobbies. Additionally, meeting room signage at entry points or venue levels can display specific information, such as the name of the customer or meeting host and the occupancy timeframe, ensuring efficient and informed navigation for users.

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Navori Content Manager

The renowned Navori interface actively tracks all data and automatically removes information about past events.

Integrating Navori Digital Signage software with the leading MICROS FIDELIO booking/catering back office system saves time, money, and reduces human errors.

Consider the impact by looking at the total cost of a local hotel staff’s time to maintain live information on a Digital Signage system and translate this into the annual operational costs.

Swiss-based Navori Labs developed the interface module, MICROS FIDELIO MF Part n° 5009-268, compatible with all MF OPERA suite PMS/Sales and Catering versions 5.0.x and above.

This module launches XML scripting, which Navori Manager imports and updates. Navori Players automatically synchronize the hospitality data.

This integration works with any Navori Digital Signage solution and can be used in various interactive scenarios, including personalized visitor badge read-outs (RFID – QCR) and info kiosk systems. It shows how Navori enables limitless communication scenarios in Digital Signage deployments of any scale.

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Implementing meeting room signs is a worthwhile investment when looking to streamline meeting room management. With its numerous benefits, it can help organizations to reduce time wastage, increase productivity, and enhance the overall meeting experience.

By choosing the right meeting room signage solution, businesses can improve communication within their organization and achieve their goals efficiently.