The Future of Corporate Digital Signage In A Post-Covid World

The Future of Corporate Digital Signage In A Post-Covid World

The Covid pandemic has upended businesses worldwide and the fallout will be felt for years to come. While many employees are still working remotely, businesses have been busily planning for their return. To help workers get back to the workplace, corporate digital signage screens are getting repurposed with updated content more appropriate for a returning workforce.

Getting the message out

Staff members returning to the office will find a vastly different work environment. They will need to cope with new sanitary rules and learn about corporate policies that may continue to change over time. They may also be facing different office layouts as desks and workstations are moved further apart to enforce physical distancing. This is where digital signage software solutions can help.

Digital signage screens can be updated constantly as corporate policies and sanitary rules evolve. It keeps employees better informed so they feel safer and better about their workplace. New floor layouts can be displayed on interactive digital signage touchscreens. This helps staff members know where to go when they return.

Digital signage screens are also a great complement to flex-space office layouts. For example, you can deploy a meeting room digital signage showing room availability so people know where to find an available workspace.

Managing office occupancy using digital signage and access control

Digital signage software solutions have also evolved to meet the needs of businesses with the addition of computer vision and artificial intelligence. Access control cameras strategically installed at office and room entrances can scan visitors and staff members. They enter office spaces and warn people who aren’t wearing face masks. Additionally, in areas with occupancy regulations, the software can monitor the number of people present and alert visitors when the maximum capacity is reached, ensuring compliance without the need for security personnel.


Why is AI-powered computer vision software better?

Performing accurate visitor counts requires smart computer vision software that can track multiple entrances and exits. For some businesses, it’s also important to differentiate between staff members and visitors. Having the ability to exclude employees from visitor counts is a definite plus. Only AI-powered computer vision solutions can perform these tasks reliably.

Privacy is essential

It’s important to select a digital signage software solution that does not collect any personally identifiable information or store any recognition data. Especially when deploying computer vision-based access control systems. Navori Labs’ solutions include privacy management features that can be configured to respect local privacy regulations.

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