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Digital Signage

What is Hotel Digital Signage?

In today’s digital world, hoteliers are looking for new ways to engage their guests. One of the most popular and effective methods is the use of digital signage. Hotel digital signage is a great way to communicate with your guests and promote your hotel services. But what exactly is digital signage? And how can hotels make the most of it? Keep reading to find out! 

Define digital signage

Digital signage is a digital screen technology used for electronic communication in hotel lobbies and other hotel areas. It can be used as a hotel lobby digital signage, hospitality digital signage, or hotel digital signage for communication purposes. The benefits of using digital signage in hotels include:

  • Providing information to customers quickly, such as displaying hotel amenities or sharing the latest hotel deals.
  • Helping to add a more up-to-date and modern look to hotel lobbies.
  • Displaying information about hotel facilities.
  • Digital signage for hotels can also be used to entertain guests by displaying advertisements, artworks/photographs of local attractions, and videos/music.

Benefits of hotel digital signage

Digital signage in hotels offers a wealth of benefits, revolutionizing how hotels communicate with their guests. It allows hotel staff to update information quickly. They can easily and effectively share hotel promotions or offerings. Guests benefit too.

Hotel signage ensures there is always up-to-date information at their fingertips. It makes it easier than ever to discover hotel services they may not have otherwise known about. This creates invaluable promotional opportunities and helps build customer loyalty. With hotel signage, the efficiency and success of operations can be improved with strategies tailored to guests’ needs. From offering weather forecasts for vacationers to displaying helpful hotel maps for business travelers, digital signage in hotels makes customers feel supported and well looked after. This is a goal that every hotel should aspire to achieve.

Fantasyland hotel

How to use digital signage in hotels

Digital signage is quickly becoming a key element in hotel lobbies and public areas. It provides hotel guests with dynamic digital signage experiences. By leveraging hotel digital signage, hospitality professionals can provide valuable information in real-time throughout their hotel lobby or event space. It can be used to inform guests of hotel amenities nearby such as retail stores, restaurants, or attractions. An interactive kiosk also serves as an effective tool to manage check-in procedures and attract potential hotel visitors.

Hotel lobby digital signage offers a great platform for hoteliers to advertise and promote their services, special offers, and events in an effective way. By investing in signage software, hotels can enhance the guest experience and differentiate themselves from competitors. It’s a worthwhile investment that can leave a lasting impression on guests.

Tips on creating an effective KPI dashboard for digital signage

Creating a powerful KPI dashboard for digital signage can help you gain valuable insights into how well your campaigns are performing. It enables you to easily access important metrics and make informed decisions. To create an effective KPI dashboard:

  • Research KPI dashboard examples
  • Determine which marketing KPIs are most relevant to track
  • Familiarize yourself with KPI dashboard examples. For example revenue KPI dashboards or marketing KPI dashboards. Also explore how each one can best serve its particular function.
  • Make sure you choose a solution that presents data visually and intuitively so that the information can be understood quickly.
  • Ensure that your KPI dashboard is set up in such a way that it is updated automatically with fresh data. Be sure to always work with the latest information available.
  • With thoughtful KPI dashboard design, you’ll be able to customize dashboards and digital signage tailored to your desired business goals.

With these tips in mind, you should have no difficulty constructing an effective KPI dashboard.

Tips for choosing the right digital signage for your hotel

When looking to add displays in your hotel lobby, take into account the benefits and importance of digital signage in hospitality. Hotels that take advantage of hotel lobby digital signage offer guests innovative experiences with access to hotel attractions, amenities, wayfinding information, engaging ambiance, and customized messaging designed to meet hotel-specific needs.

Consider the best size and height for hotel displays to ensure the comfort of hotel guests when engaging with it. Make sure your hardware is durable enough to withstand any foot traffic without compromising aesthetics. Besides using signage in the hotel lobby, think about other places where these displays can be helpful for your hotel and guests. When selecting software, take into account the location, cost of installation, and how easy it will be to manage from a distance.

Hotel And Conference Room Occupancy Display

Creative ways to use digital signage in hotels

Digital signage is a great way to enhance hotel amenities and inject hotel lobbies with an extra level of personalization and sophistication. For hotel digital signage, there are numerous creative possibilities that can completely transform how guests use the space. Hotel lobby digital signage can be used to:

  • Optimize check-in time for guests
  • Share personalized welcome messages along with amenities
  • Offer information about upcoming events, exhibitions
  • Destination guides
  • Curate local content such as weather forecasts or digital artwork
  • Allow hotel guests to order items from room service.

With hotel digital signage, luxury brands in the hospitality industry have the opportunity to truly make their hotel a one-stop destination for all their guests’ needs. They provide renowned benefits of convenience and comfort.

Examples of how hotels are using digital signage

Hotels around the world are investing in hotel signage to stay ahead of their competitors. It enables hotel staff to screen hotel-branded advertising, in-house promotions, and welcome messages. This type of digital signage for hotels also gives hotel managers the ability to offer interactive booking options directly from the hotel lobby. By leveraging hotel lobby digital signage technology, hoteliers benefit from improved customer retention through enhanced engagement for their guests. Through the strategic use of hotel displays, hotels can help create an efficient customer experience that not only increases guest satisfaction but helps increase revenue as well.

Case study of a hotel that has successfully implemented digital signage

The Best Western Hotel in Malibu, California, and the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Chicago are two hotels that have used digital signs to make their lobbies more interactive and exciting.

Best Western Hotel in Malibu, California

The Best Western Hotel in Malibu, California, has successfully implemented hotel digital signage to great effect. This hotel uses a state-of-the-art hospitality digital signage system to provide interactive displays throughout its lobby. By leveraging hotel lobby digital signage, guests can see interesting information and promotions on the screens while they wait or explore. This helps them learn about the hotel and upcoming events.

Additionally, the hotel enjoys a wide range of benefits due to its implementation of digital signage for hotels. This includes improved guest engagement and satisfaction rates, increased attention to hotel promotions, and overall cost savings compared to traditional print media costs.

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Chicago

Another example of how digital screens can be used to great effect in hotel lobbies is the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Chicago. The hotel has installed interactive digital signage kiosks. They allow hotel guests to check in and out, find hotel information, and even get help from a virtual concierge. Additionally, the hotel uses digital signage wall art to create a contemporary hotel atmosphere. It also displays the hotel amenities such as restaurant menus, local attractions, hotel services, and events. The digital signage kiosk also immerses hotel guests in the hotel experience with dynamic images of hotel interior design and hotel views that create an eye-catching ambiance. By implementing signage in its hotel lobby, the Hilton Garden Inn has been able to increase hotel visitor engagement. It helped provide a modern hotel experience that makes the hotel stand out from its competitors.

Both hotels have found that using digital signs helps guests feel more connected and satisfied with their stay. Through its digital signage strategy, the hotel has seen an increase in hotel loyalty and repeat visits from hotel guests who appreciate the convenience and unique hospitality experience provided by an interactive kiosk within the hotel lobby. The Hilton Garden Inn is an ideal example of how digital signage in hotels can be successfully implemented and used to provide hotel guests with an enhanced and memorable hotel experience.

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The Future of digital signage in Hotels

Owners are quickly recognizing the massive benefits of signage for hotels. Digital signs offer hotel guests up-to-date, relevant information and a way to engage with brands. This combination allows hoteliers to offer an improved customer experience that turns one visitor into a returning customer or brand evangelist. In addition to improved customer satisfaction, it can also reduce paper costs by providing hotel guests with necessary informational snippets about local attractions, hotel amenities, and more. Digital signage for hotels is an invaluable addition to hotel lobby design and is sure to help give hotel guests the best possible experience.


With digital signage in hotels continuing to evolve, there is great potential for hoteliers to leverage the technology in more creative and impactful ways. With advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, hotel digital signage is becoming more personalized and interactive. Hoteliers will be able to use AI-driven software that can recognize guests’ movements and provide tailored suggestions, offers, and hotel information. Furthermore, hoteliers will be able to integrate digital signage with hotel management systems to streamline operational processes such as check-in and checkout procedures.

Hotel signage offers endless possibilities and has become more affordable. It is accessible to hotels of all sizes. It’s a valuable tool for boosting engagement and creating unforgettable hotel experiences. Embracing this cutting-edge technology can revolutionize the hospitality industry and help hotels attract guests. By investing in digital screens, hoteliers can stay ahead of the competition. It helps provide a memorable hotel experience. The rewards will be long-lasting, and early adopters will have a competitive advantage in the future.


As you can see, digital signage software is a versatile tool that hoteliers can use to communicate with guests and improve their stay. If you’re thinking of implementing it, keep the following tips in mind: choose the right software, consider your content strategy, analyze your results, and constantly update your content. And remember – if done well, iy can have a big impact on guest satisfaction.