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Using digital signage and AI in the age of Covid

16 November 2020

How businesses have adapted their digital signage use during the pandemic  The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on retail and QSR operations. There have been countless new sanitary measures put in place, and regulations can vary wildly between countries… Read More »

Why is digital signage important?

9 November 2020

When someone mentions “digital signage” to you, what comes to mind? An airport or train station arrival/departure sign? A roadside LED billboard? A flat panel display inside or outside a retail store? Surprisingly, digital signage is far more common than most people think.… Read More »

Two reasons retailers should switch from print to digital signage

13 October 2020

Retailers and brand owners increasingly embrace digital signage to enhance the shopping experience and create a more pleasing environment for their customers.  In this article, we will look at the main reasons why digital signage has become such an important… Read More »

Multi-platform Font Synchronisation

19 February 2020
The modern world would not exist without fonts.  The fact is, fonts are essential to non-verbal communication whether it’s in print, online or on digital signage screens. This article isn’t about the history of typography but rather to remind readers… Read More »

What is insane playback rendering?

19 February 2020

What’s “insane player rendering”? Navori recently introduced a new player software called IPR for “insane player rendering”.  The purpose of this software was to provide enhanced support for ultra-high-definition content, mostly due to the popularity of video wall and multi-display… Read More »

Data Driven Content Automation Software

19 February 2020

It’s a sunny midsummer day and you walk by a snack-bar window.  You notice a screen promoting ice-cream sandwiches.  That’s a great idea! You’re at your local bank, waiting in line to make a deposit. There are 10 people ahead… Read More »