Navori QL version 2.2.6 – Release note

Navori QL version 2.2.6 – Release note

Version 2.2.6 is available to all Cloud users and on-premise clients with a valid maintenance plan.

Navori Labs’ QL version 2.2.6 includes the following new software improvements and software enhancements.

QL Manager / Player

Template within Template support, lets you insert up to 3 templates inside a “master” Inserted templates function normally and can display multiple content zones simultaneously. There are no content restrictions on Microsoft Windows, Navori Stix 3500 / 3700, or Philips Android powered System on Chip screens.

Samsung SSSP, LG Web-OS and BrightSign devices can only play one video simultaneously, per master template. Create engaging viewer experiences by inserting entire templates inside a master template.

Create sophisticated layouts for your digital menu boards or video walls and seamlessly display a mix of video, images and other QL supported content contained in other templates.

Data feed filter and item lookup: Filter values in a live data feed using the following operators: if, and, or, contains a specific value, contains data, does not contain data, end with, starts with, greater than, greater and equal to, lower than and lower or equal to. Multiple lookup rules can be defined using and/or conditions.
Use this feature to control how data is displayed on your screens. For example, you can set up a condition based on a product’s availability so when the item is out of stock, it won’t show up on your screens. You can apply the same logic to show or hide items based on live events (weather, KPI, news item, etc.)

Environmental compliance: Define multiple screen on/off cycles for each day. This feature lets you turn your screens on and off multiple times a day based on your schedule.
This is a very useful feature for businesses who open and close to the public more than once a day. You can schedule screen on/off cycles for specific days or any number of times during the day. This lets you save power and extend the life of your screens.

QL Server on premises

Web Application Firewall Support (WAF) lets you protect QL Server from external security threats by filtering, monitoring, and blocking any malicious HTTP/S traffic from external web applications while also preventing unauthorized data from being accessed.


    • Publish new programs using the API seamlessly on any player.
    • Set and edit Player’s variables using the API.
    • Documentation includes how to retrieve real-time player monitoring data from a third-party application.

QL Digital Signage and Aquaji computer vision software integration

1. QL now supports Aquaji’s live feeds with access to real-time audience data, visitor metrics, demographics, length of stay, waiting time, audience attention, and vehicle counts. QL users can define content playback rules using live data feeds across all supported platforms.

2. Enriched content playback reporting that includes audience counts, attributes, and behavior data for every content of ad impressions.

Customer portal – enhanced account management for you and your clients

Navori Labs introduces its new online customer support and e-commerce platform. You can now purchase cloud and on-premise software licenses, renew licenses, order services or hardware, and communicate with our sales and technical team through our online portal.

Navori partners can manage their customers, deliver licenses, and allow large corporate accounts to order players directly.
Discover “Your Account” platform by clicking SIGN IN at the top of the page. Click here to review pricing.