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Navori to Emphasize Navori Player and System-on-a-Chip Innovations at DSE

New proprietary Navori Player for Samsung smart displays, event-based playback, and content protection at the forefront of Navori Player developments


One year after the official release of Navori’s most comprehensive software refresh in seven years, the digital signage software pioneer will emphasize new Navori Player innovations at the Digital Signage Expo. In addition to streamlining infrastructure, the new features and updates will help users more efficiently manage and prioritize content playing out across digital signage networks.

Remote content triggering and live data management features

Navori has integrated special new remote content triggering and live data management features specifically for the industry’s first native system-on-a-chip (SoC) player for Samsung Tizen smart displays. It will leverage the combined intelligence of both software-defined platforms. Thus, the new remote content triggering feature (enabled through web sockets) automates the delivery of high-priority content through direct communication between the server and browser.

To achieve this, Navori Player forwards the list of triggerable content. From individual assets to complete playlists, to Navori Server and the Navori Mobile app. Thereafter, the app then sends commands to Navori Server. Subquentialy, it triggers the corresponding content on Navori Player. This innovation not only simplifies content updates. But also enables users to manually trigger special content from the field, as single or repeated events, before returning to normal programming.

“Our remote content triggering takes full advantage of the combined Samsung and Navori intelligence by offering complete control over real-time content playback on-demand,” said Jeffrey Weitzman, Managing Director, Navori. “It also offers our customers a simpler means for remote network operators and other staff in the field to seamlessly interact with their digital signage networks.”

Ability for Tizen customers to access and retrieve data and images

Also new for Digital Signage Expo is the ability for Tizen customers to access and retrieve data and images. Thereafter, it can synchronize that content for playback inside HTML5 animations.

“With this special enhanced feature, Samsung Tizen customers can rely on Navori Player to synchronize these data feeds for playback inside HTML5 animations,” said Moeri. “It offers an alternative to content creators and managers that want to create more sophisticated live data layouts using HTML5 instead of standard template and ticker designers.”

Web page authentication

Navori has additionally added web page authentication for password-protected page access on Navori Players associated with Windows, Android or Tizen networks. The intuitive web page authentication process steps users through a process as simple as entering a URL, and managing a data grid with fields and buttons retrieved from the associated web page. This adds an important layer of security to the content delivery process for networks of any size.

“We have made the web page authentication process as simple as possible by allowing our customers to define values for each field. And immediately publish over Navori Player,” said Moeri. “Alternatively, users can save that content with the assurance that their signage is protected.”

Full range of system-on-chip players

In addition to its Samsung Tizen player, Navori will demonstrate its full range of system-on-chip players. They at once minimize cabling and equipment costs and lowers theft and vandalism risks. Moreover, they eliminate third-party hardware installation headaches.

In addition to Samsung, Navori supports SoC-equipped Smart Displays from Panasonic (AF-1 Series), Philips (D Series and P and Q Series), and Elo (Touchscreen Signage). Other SoC developments in the process include players for Sharp and BenQ displays.

Finally, Navori Player is compatible with SaaS/cloud and on-premise installations. It provides network operators and end users with several deployment options to best suit their needs. All of this with minimal maintenance and training requirements- Undeniably, it is thanks to Navori Player’s trademark reliability, ease of use, and short learning curve.

Navori will exhibit its digital signage software at Booth 1929 at the Digital Signage Expo. It takes place March 28-29 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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