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Navori Labs DOOH Network Drives Engagement at West Edmonton Mall

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Network keeps shoppers informed and engaged with business information, advertising content, and up-to-date COVID-19 information – all managed from a centralized Navori software solution.

Navori Labs continues to work closely with West Edmonton Mall. It is North America’s largest shopping center. We have scaled and updated a diverse digital out-of-home network that drives engagement in public and private spaces. Navori digital signage software is powering retail, hospitality, entertainment, and corporate content across a mix of video walls, digital menu boards, and digital signage displays. The multi-phase rollout has extended media presentation and interactive wayfinding to food courts, hotel lobbies, event venues, and meeting spaces, as well as along walkways with the heaviest shopper traffic.

West Edmonton Mall is located in the Western Canadian city of Edmonton. It is home to more than 800 stores and services, over 100 dining areas, two hotels, and twelve world-class attractions. Navori’s strategic rollout has fully centralized content management and delivery. It’s helping West Edmonton Mall improve the customer experience and increase engagement with shoppers, Fantasyland Hotel guests, and visitors to the Ice Palace. This place hosts a variety of sports, concerts, and fundraising activities.

The centralized content management and delivery strategy has been instrumental to the success of the network. This allows unlimited users to contribute media with minimal training. This includes real-time updates such as price changes, promotions, and COVID-19 guidelines. The network has also provided a quick return on investment for West Edmonton Mall.  Thus, eliminating printing costs associated with traditional menus, advertisements, and meeting space signage.

“Navori Labs has been an integral part of our marketing strategy,” said Tiffany Banh. She is Digital Marketing Coordinator at West Edmonton Mall. “The Navori software fulfills our need for flexibility, scalability and ease of use. The Navori team supported us throughout the whole process and provided an effortless rollout. Our continued partnership with Navori is valuable in helping us achieve business success.”

The Navori Digital Signage solution:

West Edmonton Mall’s Navori digital signage solution architecture includes an on-premise Navori Server and Navori software driving each screen. Navori has seamless integration with third-party data systems and support for a wide range of multimedia formats. It allows West Edmonton Mall to provide a diverse mix of video, graphics, and text to shoppers and guests. At the same time, it helps deliver a clean integration with West Edmonton Mall’s back-end business systems driving reliable content updates, meeting room occupancy information, and effective wayfinding experiences.

“West Edmonton Mall required a technology provider that could ensure reliable and efficient management of all digital signage content and hardware across the entire property,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “Our Navori software is helping West Edmonton Mall meet its daily objectives across a very complex, multifaceted business environment. It has helped staff grow more productive and reduced installation and support costs. And provided a foundation for network monetization through dynamic advertising capabilities.”

The story of West Edmonton Mall is the story of how a handful of visionaries took an ordinary idea like a shopping center. They turned it into a world-class destination. The Mall’s stores, attractions, and services combine to form the most comprehensive retail, hospitality, and entertainment complex on Earth. As the prototype for mixed-use entertainment facilities, West Edmonton Mall is a place where people come to shop, play, and stay.

About Navori Labs

Navori Labs is a global software innovator producing technology for digital communication and marketing analytics. Navori Labs is an enterprise committed to providing the most reliable, interoperable, and user-friendly software application available in the industry. We are an exclusive leader in the global digital signage industry with nearly 25 years of experience. The Swiss company has built a reputation as an industry innovator strengthened by a skilled engineering team. We are continuously investing in research and development initiatives. Navori has also continued to invest in global growth, with local and regional resources available worldwide.

Navori’s flagship Navori digital signage engine is built with everyone in mind and has been standardized for use in many of the largest digital signage networks around the world. The company’s engineering approach balances efficient design and operation with exceptional performance for answering integrators’ and end-users’ expectations.

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