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West Edmonton Mall uses Navori to power its mall digital signage

Navori Labs has been an integral part of our marketing strategy. The system fulfils our need for flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. The team at Navori Labs supported us throughout the whole process and provided an effortless roll-out of the new system. Our continued partnership with Navori Labs is valuable in helping us achieve business success.

What were the project’s software requirements?

West Edmonton Mall needed a solution that could ensure the reliable and efficient management of the company’s digital signage content and hardware playback devices.

  • ONE PLAYER FOR EVERY PLATFORM. Mall management was looking for a solution that could use existing hardware to deliver rich content with professional-quality playback. Thus, the software had to support a range of standalone player devices and System-on-Chip screens used throughout the property.
  • DATA FEED INTEGRATION. Non-technical users needed to integrate real-time data from various sources into their content without relying on technical staff assistance. Indeed, Navori lets mall staff bring in external data for their own custom templates.
  • LIVE CONTENT UPDATES. Whereas, each food court tenant’s digital menu board operates individually. Therefore, using QL’s Content Manager, staff members manage and update the content for each restaurant. Indeed, they can easily make changes to menu board prices, item descriptions, and product photography.
  • CROSS-PLAYER CONTENT SYNCHRONIZATION. Navori lets staff synchronize menu board content across multiple System-on-Chip screens to deliver a better guest experience.
  • CONDITIONAL CONTENT PLAYBACK. Modern digital signage software solutions like Navori use automation to lighten staff workloads. Correspondingly, content can be shown or triggered on-screen in reaction to live events. For example, ads and promotions can be shown based on current weather conditions or product stocking levels. Thus, emergency messages can be triggered based on data from an alarm system. Therefore, it’s easy to integrate Navori with third-party software or any external data source.
  • CONFERENCE CENTER ROOM BOOKING. Screens installed in the mall’s hotel and conference center showroom occupancy in real-time. Guests are kept informed with constantly updated information across every digital signage screen.

About West Edmonton Mall

The story of West Edmonton Mall is the story of how a handful of visionaries took an ordinary idea like a shopping center and turned it into a world-class retail destination. Following, the Mall’s stores, attractions, and services combine to form the most comprehensive retail, hospitality, and entertainment complex on Earth. As the prototype for mixed-use entertainment facilities, West Edmonton Mall is a place where people come to shop, play, and stay.

Surprisingly, the West Edmonton Mall’s concept is inspired by the traditional urban bazaars of Persia, where shopping and entertainment were plentiful and operated in tandem, fulfilling a variety of consumer needs all in one place.

At 5.3 million square feet, the Mall is the size of a small city and is accredited as a zoo. Indeed, West Edmonton Mall is home to more than 800 stores and services including twelve world-class attractions, two hotels, over 100 dining venues, the widest variety of one-of-a-kind retailers, and entertainment for all ages. Thus, the average yearly visitation is approximately 30.8 million, making West Edmonton Mall the province’s number-one tourist attraction.

Navori Software modules used

  • AAP-40Navori Core: Server On-Premise – Desktop and Mobile Content Manager, Multi-user with customizable roles – SSO, Template and Ticker Designer, Data Feed Manager XML, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Office 365 and Google Calendar and basic Monitoring
  • BAP-14 Multi media-player content synchronization module
  • AAP-41 Expert module including advanced monitoring and aggregated playback reporting
  • HW-03 Stix 3500 series– 4k external media player. Android. Three years warranty
  • Navori Digital Signage Software