Navori and Affinitech Scale LIFETIME Network to 3000+ Endpoints

Navori and Affinitech Scale LIFETIME Network to 3000+ Endpoints


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Updated with Navori’s latest QL digital signage software, Life Time Fitness automates more than 10,000 combinations of dynamic club content, advertising, and interactive elements weekly

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, January 28, 2021– Navori Labs, in cooperation with integration partner Affinitech, continues to enhance a diverse and extensive digital out-of-home network on behalf of Life Time Fitness. Now live at all 150-plus club locations in the USA and Canada, the network was recently upgraded to Navori’s latest QL digital signage software to deliver a dynamic mix of club information, entertainment, and advertising to more than 3,000 endpoints.

Navori’s flexible, user-friendly QL 2.2 software release further simplifies the management of more than 10,000 weekly content combinations delivered across immersive video walls, interactive kiosks, tablet-controlled displays, and traditional digital signage screens. While Navori innovations such as Insane Performance Rendering (IPR) software produce exceptional 4K and HD visual quality to engage club members. QL’s open architecture helps Affinitech continually strengthen the network. Navori’s DDFS (dynamic data feed scheduling) application, which dynamically retrieves information and content from existing back-end systems to help Life Time Fitness strengthen member engagement, and minimize content management labor for staff.

Dave Fleming, Director of Product Development for Affinitech, notes that it would be virtually impossible to manage a network of this scale and diversity without Navori’s DDFS application. Not to mention Navori’s load-balancing application which ensures a robust, secure, resilient, and redundant network. “Navori eliminates the headaches of programming a network with thousands of templates, combinations, and endpoints through robust real-time member interaction and deep integration with varied information systems,” said Fleming. “We can fully automate most of the scheduling, content management, and template creation by leveraging Life Time Fitness’ existing data systems.”

Dynamic Data Feed Scheduling

While most programs and processes are automated through DDFS, there are manually-driven elements to the network that works in alignment with DDFS and are especially important for member engagement. One fitness-oriented program, powered by Navori’s LT Connect application, displays member heart rate zones and allows instructors to optimize workouts. Fitness trainers control the LT Connect application on tablets during classes and run members through interval workouts tailored to their unique heart rate zones.

The same displays, which represent approximately one-third of the network’s screens, integrate with DDFS to pull in class registration details and other real-time information. “This is a very important part of the network for Life Time Fitness that often drives more than 3500 unique class reservations each day,” said Todd Brown, President of Affinitech. Brown adds that interactive “Club Hub” kiosks in each lobby offer richer details about class schedules, trainer background information, personal training sessions, and gym availability.

LIFETIME benefits from QL innovations

This ties back to the core operational benefit of Navori’s QL software: All content is managed from a single CMS that is easy to learn and use, without limiting any benefits and capabilities of the broader network. That not only includes interactive and monetized elements but also larger-than-life visual elements such as video walls and floor-to-ceiling portrait displays. The latter of which engages members with presentations that highlight trainers and featured fitness classes.

“Navori Labs has been vital in allowing us to use digital signage to better interact with our members and improve the member experience in a dynamic and creative manner, and without the complexity that often comes with an out-of-home network of this size,” said Austin Runck, Digital Content Platform Administrator, Life Time Fitness. “With Navori QL Digital Signage software, we can dynamically display thousands of unique classes, events, and appointments each day, and deliver this content over a robust, reliable, and secure network.”

About Life Time

Since opening its doors nearly 30 years ago, Life Time Fitness with more than 150 destinations and clubs, has evolved into something completely unique. Today it’s a growing community of people who have defined a new path forward. Where health, knowledge, and relationships are valued. Where our energy is channeled for good. And where purpose drives our daily lives. lifetime. life

About Affinitech

A leading national technology systems integrator, Affinitech builds world-class technology solutions that excite and engage, while making people safer and more productive, and businesses more successful. From design to installation to maintenance, we handle every step of the process—so your technology is seamless, easy to operate, and cost-effective. From business security systems and audio/video solutions to digital signage and professional services, our big-picture vision, insight, and experience deliver custom solutions that operationalize technology to benefit your business and customers. Our proven track record includes fully scalable systems that are easily standardized, replicated, and implemented across multiple site locations. We then monitor and maintain these solutions with industry-leading service so you can focus on what you do best—run your business.

About Navori Labs

Navori Labs is a global software innovator producing technology for digital communication and marketing analytics. Navori Labs is an enterprise committed to providing the most reliable, interoperable, and user-friendly software application available in the industry. An exclusive leader in the global digital signage industry with nearly 25 years of experience, Navori has built a reputation as an industry innovator strengthened by a skilled engineering team, and continued investment in research and development initiatives. Navori has also continued to invest in global growth, with local and regional resources available worldwide.

Navori’s flagship QL digital signage engine is built with everyone in mind and has been standardized for use in many of the largest digital signage networks around the world. The company’s engineering approach balances efficient design and operation with exceptional performance for answering integrators’ and end-users expectations. Visit for more information.


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