Navori’s Rule-Based Programming Featured at ISE 2020

Navori’s Rule-Based Programming Featured at ISE 2020

Join the Navori team at ISE 2020, February 11 to 14, RAI Amsterdam, booth 8-E212.

Navori Labs will showcase several new technologies at ISE 2020, including the company’s Rule-Based Programming feature which is available now on the QL CMS platform.

Rule-Based Programming goes far beyond common scheduling. Content appears on screen based on rules you create using plain-language commands. Playback rules can monitor any data feed and launch or trigger the corresponding content in real-time.

  • Display ads based on current weather conditions, stocking levels or any other criteria of your choice. There is no limit.
  • Motivate your team by triggering content based on sales figures, KPI data or any other business metric.
  • Instantly replace currently scheduled content in case of emergency. Display alerts with no coding required.

QL’s Rule-Based Programming feature is simple to use and powerful. There is no programming or scripting language to learn so anyone can start using it in minutes.

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