Navori Labs Launches QL Access Control

Navori Labs Launches QL Access Control

Add-on feature for QL digital signage software that regulates the flow of traffic and enforces local occupancy rules in public spaces

Navori Labs announces the launch of QL Access Control, a new feature developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Available as an add-on to its forthcoming QL Digital Signage Software, QL Access Control enables retailers and public spaces to monitor and secure entry and exit traffic.

Navori Access Control software is a comprehensive solution designed to manage and monitor access to physical spaces within an organization. It is a powerful tool that combines advanced security features with user-friendly interfaces, providing efficient control over entry points and ensuring the safety and security of a facility.

The software:

  • Counts, screens and guides visitors
  • Detects whether or not visitors are wearing protective masks, and identifies specific details about fabric types, shapes, colors, and patterns of each mask worn
  • Monitors multiple entry points simultaneously
  • Gives users the flexibility to set and adjust occupancy instructions

Key Features

  1. Access Management: Navori Access Control software enables administrators to define and manage access rights for individuals or groups. This includes setting access levels, time-based restrictions, and defining specific areas that can be accessed by authorized personnel.
  2. Visitor Management: The software offers visitor management functionalities, enabling organizations to register and track visitors entering the premises. It allows administrators to issue temporary access credentials, print visitor badges, and record relevant information, ensuring a controlled and organized visitor experience.
  3. Audit Trail and Reporting: The software maintains a comprehensive audit trail of all access-related activities, including entry and exit timestamps, access requests, and alarm triggers. This data can be used for generating detailed reports and conducting forensic investigations, enhancing accountability and compliance within the organization.
  4. Centralized Management: Navori Access Control software offers a centralized management interface that simplifies system administration. It allows administrators to configure and monitor access control parameters, manage user profiles, and view system status and event logs from a single console, saving time and effort.
  5. Scalability and Flexibility: The software is designed to accommodate the needs of organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. It provides scalability options, enabling the addition of new access points and users as the organization grows. The flexibility of the software allows for customization and integration with existing security infrastructure.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: Navori Access Control software features a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. This ensures that administrators can quickly perform tasks such as adding or removing users, granting access rights, and generating reports without extensive training or technical expertise.

Benefits of QL Access Control

QL Access Control automatically manages visitor traffic via interactive digital signage combined with proprietary video tracking technology. It allows users to customize content in conjunction with their own venue-specific rules. Multiple inputs and outputs are available for facilities with more than one entrance and exit. The software interoperates with security cameras for live streaming and monitoring purposes.

QL Access Control utilizes Navori Labs’ recently announced Computer Vision artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The software enables in-depth crowd analysis and content triggering based on real-time visual data and events. Visitor privacy is assured, as Computer Vision does not store, re-use, or disseminate personal data. In the context of QL Access Control, the AI applies silhouette detection (including the detection of face masks), but not facial recognition.

QL Access Control was specially designed to safeguard organizations by helping them to comply with local health and safety regulations, and to optimize ROI with an enhanced customer experience and reduced security costs,” says Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “Its automated, real-time functionality gives users the information they require to keep their operations running smoothly, while providing them with the peace of mind they need to focus on their core business.


Navori Access Control software is a powerful tool that helps organizations manage access to their physical spaces. It offers advanced security features, integrates well with other systems, and has an easy-to-use interface. With this software, organizations can protect their assets, improve security, and create a safe environment for employees and visitors.