Navori Offers QL Essential Cloud for $19 a Month, Per Player

Navori Offers QL Essential Cloud for $19 a Month, Per Player

Why choose QL Essential for your next digital signage deployment?

The digital signage industry keeps growing in popularity and it seems screens are everywhere we look. Businesses are looking for solutions that anyone can use, and a media player software that works with any platform or screen. They also want products that will evolve and stay relevant as their needs change over time.

Navori Labs is a global software publisher that specializes in professional digital signage software. Due to customer demand, we have launched QL Essential, a software solution aimed at first-time users, accessible to anyone looking for a simple solution that doesn’t require any technical expertise.

QL Essential is also intended for AV solution resellers who want to offer their customers a simple, easy-to-learn platform that works with any type of screen, regardless of the make or brand.

QL Essential is based on our flagship product, Quantum Leap. This is our professional digital signage software aimed at digital signage network operators who need more advanced features.

QL Essential is easy to use and offers many features not found in competing products.

  • Compatibility with many System-on-Chip screen brands and external media players.
  • A media player software that can play all types of content without conversion with perfect transitions for the best visual experience, with unbeatable reliability on any hardware platform.
  • A super-intuitive user interface that lets you create dynamic content and programs from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • A multi-user system that fully supports designed for collaborative work.
  • Enterprise features that include Microsoft 365 user authentication, active directory support, and anti-intrusion security certifications.
  • Optionally, features that aren’t usually found on entry-level solutions including multi-player and 8K content playback support.
  • 24 hour a day global support.
  • Offered as a fully integrated solution pre-installed on Navori’s own Android media player device.
  • Software add-on modules available or upgrade to QL Professional Cloud or On-Premise.

Why is QL Essential better than software delivered by screen manufacturers?

Many system-on-chip screen manufacturers bundle their own software but these products tend to have very limited features and user interfaces that are too complex for casual users. Furthermore, these software products only work with the manufacturer’s hardware.

This can be a problem with digital signage deployments that use many different products and technologies, or people who already own a different brand of SoC screen that isn’t compatible with the new software.

QL Essential is a better solution because it supports a wide range of media player hardware and SoC screen brands, like Windows PCs, BrightSign media players, Navori StiX 3700, as well as many system-on-chip screens from Samsung SSSP, LG WebOS, Philips, and Sony.

With QL you create once and publish to any hardware platform.
People who are new to digital signage will often start with a few images and video loops. As they become more experienced, they start creating dynamic content. They may create customized programs for different screens and control their screens using a smartphone. These are all standard QL Essential features so there is nothing more to buy.

What can QL Essential do for me?

Navori Labs is the oldest and most experienced digital signage software publisher. The company has been around for more than 20 years and operates globally and created QL Essential for people who are getting started in digital signage.

Here’s why you should choose QL Essential:

  • You need a powerful and versatile digital signage media player software that can be used on any hardware device or platform to deliver your content reliably and effectively.
  • You want a software vendor who offers an upgrade path to better features and more advanced versions as your needs evolve.
  • Digital signage deployments require hardware and software components that can work as one. Navori offers an integrated digital signage solution that features powerful Android media player hardware and the company’s renowned player software so you can play content on digital signage screens of any type, size, and resolution.

How do I proceed?

It’s easy. Create a Navori Labs account on our website. Log in and select the software trial option. Download and install the QL Player software on any compatible device, or order our StiX 3700 plug and-play Android media player device.

Who is this product for?

QL Essential is versatile. The software is popular in the retail and quick-service-restaurant sectors where support for system-on-chip screens is important. People also like its ability to create dynamic menu board content, synchronize content across multiple screens, and modify screen programming on-site using a smartphone via the QL mobile app.

Many small and medium businesses rely on QL Essential to broadcast corporate messaging to any number of screens across multiple sites. The software’s user interface is also accessible in 37 languages making it an ideal choice for multinational corporations.

Audio-visual solution resellers who want to standardize on a single software solution for all their deployments regardless of the type of screen or hardware platform available, and who need a solution that doesn’t require any end-user training.

What is the typical QL Essential user’s profile?

Company lobby staff, department managers, human resources, or marketing staff. Anyone who needs to create rich and captivating software in a collaborative setting. The software’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to use with no training required.