WP 400 – LG WebOS Digital Media Player

WP 400 – LG WebOS Digital Media Player

External media player device from LG

The WP400 may be used with any type of digital signage display regardless of its make or model. The WP400 WebOS box provides user-friendly smart functions with dedicated menus essential for business use.

The WP400 supports Ultra HD high-quality video playback which delivers true-to-life color details, with four times higher definition than FHD. Only a single WebOS box is required for this superior picture quality.

What's included?

The LG WP400 media player delivers QL users a solid hardware solution with three main features:

  • UHD Video playback support
  • Display Control Capability
  • LG webOS 4.0 Smart Signage Platform

Benefits vs. competition external players devices

The WP400 offers a signage-dedicated home menu that shows key information related to signage operation at a glance. A dashboard showing the status of devices, a content management menu, and shortcuts leading to quick settings greatly enhance user convenience.

Picture-By-Picture (PBP) features Multi-Screen in a single display with upto 4 input sources while Picture-In-Picture (PIP) supports playing both main screen and secondary screen at the same time with various layouts. This gives great flexibility to allocate space for each content source.

Maintenance is easy and fast with the optional Connected Care service, a cloud service solution provided by LG. It remotely manages the status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services, enabling the stable operation of clients’ businesses.

Supported QL player digital signage features

Feature WP 400
Easy Setup 1 minute
Maximum playback resolution / Fps 1920*1080 pixel @30Fps
Pixel perfect for LED displays
Sophisticated template rendering – multi-zone, multi-object

Templates within template rendering

Cross-player content synchronization

Interactivity Touch/USB/Smartphone/Camera/Sensor
Content automation

DooH – Advertising
Context aware automation connected to Aquaji Computer vision

HDMI input rendering
Remote monitoring and analytics

Screen control on/off HDMI CEC


Supported digital signage content


Media type Format specification

Video H.264, HEVC (H.265)

Html HTML Connected URL, 1 or 2 steps authentication

HTML5 Download and Play, Chromium 79

Cross-Domain Communication policies may block authentication
PowerPoint PPT and PPTX

Acrobat PDF

Template Image, Video and data feed

Template in template

Streaming HTTP

Video input Live video media from HDMI input


Hardware specifications

Product WP 400
Processor Arm
Storage Internal 4GB
Dimensions W:258 × H:36.5 × D:186 mm, W:10.2″ x H: 1.4″ x D: 7.3″
LAN Ethernet RJ45 – Gigabit
WiFi Built-in
Operating system LG WebOS 4

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