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Samsung SSSP certifies Navori Player for Tizen SoC Screens

Navori Player is officially certified for the Samsung Smart Signage platform running on Tizen. The Navori Player for Tizen is the only proprietary player software that doesn’t rely on Samsung’s own SDK.  Contrary to other SoC solutions running on Tizen, Navori delivers the software’s full feature set on Samsung SoC displays, with broadcast quality playback, high reliability, and ease of use.

Professionals looking for the best SoC experience should look no further.

Here is a complete list of supported Samsung displaysPM32F, PM43F, PM49F, PM55F, PM32F-BC, PM43F-BC, PM55F-BC, PH43F, PH49F, PH55F, PH43F-P, PH49F-P, PH55F-P, PM43H, PM49H, PM55H.

Interested in experiencing Navori digital signage software running on Samsung Tizen displays?

Contact your local Navori representative for more details.