An intuitive Digital Signage content management system

An intuitive Digital Signage content management system

QL Content Manager stands at the forefront of Digital Signage content management systems, designed to make content publishing a breeze across all screens. With its simple and intuitive web-based interface, users can effortlessly create and manage engaging visuals. You’ll find all the advanced features and capabilities you’d expect from a top-tier, professional-grade digital signage CMS.

What sets QL Content Manager apart? It’s accessible from any web browser, eliminating the need for local software installation or maintenance. The platform’s hallmark is its intuitive ‘drag & drop’ design functionality, harmoniously paired with a robust set of features. Together, these elements form a comprehensive solution that has become a preferred choice for organizations globally.

Embrace the simplicity and power of QL Content Manager, and join the ranks of satisfied customers around the world.


Main features:

  • Suitable for content management, user management, player management, reporting/analytics and content creation.
  • HTML5 based, compatible with any web browser and hardware platform.
  • UI is feature-rich and intuitive.
  • Easy to learn and use, no technical skill level required.
  • Very secure and stress tested regularly.
  • UI available in 32 different languages.
  • AD and ADFS compatible for user provisioning and single sign-on.

Content Library

Each group/level of our digital signage CMS system features its own content library. To share content among multiple sub-groups, simply import the content at a higher level. The higher you save your content in the hierarchy, the more shareable it becomes.

The top or root level Content Library is “global.” Lower levels, where players are assigned, are “local.” If you give local-level users access to higher levels, they can grab and drop shared digital content into their local playlists.

Playlists follow the same rule. You can use a playlist created at the top or root level in any subgroup. If someone edits this global playlist, the changes appear everywhere that playlist is used.

If you have multiple levels of subgroups, you have more options. You can create subgroups for different countries, provinces, or states. You can create another level for each site or facility. Then, you can add another sublevel for departments, and so on. When you finish, you can upload and manage content or playlists by country, site, or department.

Content management features

With QL, you can preview videos in full screen from the content library. Swap new versions of digital items into your playlists with the ‘update media’ feature.

Control when content shows on screen by setting start and end times. For example, show clip X only from 8:00 to 10:00 AM weekdays for a month.

Use smart content folders to find content fast. Filter by tags, expiration dates, last edit date, or the last editor’s name. Smart folders also show content waiting for approval.

QL makes managing digital media easy and effective. Try it today.


Playlists in our digital signage system hold lists of media items. You can schedule them or use them in Template zones. Create an unlimited number of playlists. Assign them to time slots in the planning window. When you publish, your players display the content. They follow your schedule.

Our platform offers flexibility in content scheduling. Advertisers, educators, and businesses use it to manage and deliver content. Explore our digital displays and precise scheduling control. Transform your digital signage strategy with us today.

QL Playlist Window

By default, media items will play according to their position in the playlist. You reorganize items by dragging them up and down the playlist, or you can switch to random playback mode.

Drag and drop a playlist inside a template to create a playlist zone. Any changes to the playlist will be reflected in the zone whenever the template is shown on screen.

Scheduling grid (QL Pro only)

In order to be shown, each playlist must be assigned one or more time slots in the scheduling grid. Drag and drop the desired playlists into the planning grid, then specify how long you want this playlist to run.

  • Pre-schedule your content in advance.
  • The planning grid is a visual representation of your weekly programming. Users must drag and drop playlists into the grid and assign a time slot so the content can play.

QL Pro’s digital signage content management system supports two types of programming.

  • Sequential programs: This is when time slots follow one another. For example, playlist A runs from 8 to 10AM, B from 10 to 11AM, etc.
  • Merged programs: This is when two or more time slots overlap one another.
QL Scheduling Grid

Player monitoring

QL Content Manager, a leading digital signage content management system, empowers you with the ability to monitor your media players directly through your web browser. With real-time access to media player health and status information, our digital signage CMS ensures that you stay in complete control of your digital displays.

Each QL Player within our digital signage platform is color-coded according to its current state, providing an intuitive and immediate understanding of its performance. Whether you’re managing a single screen or a complex network of digital signage, QL Content Manager offers an unparalleled solution for monitoring and maintaining your players.

QL Monitoring Window

Player diagnostics and live screenshots

QL users can access player diagnostics and generate live screenshots using our digital signage CMS. Use this feature to see what is currently playing on any remote screen.

Get Instant Player Diagnostic And Screen Shot
Get instant player diagnostic and screen shot

Domains and multi-tenancy

The QL CMS system stands as a leading multi-tenant digital signage software, expertly engineered to serve network operators, A/V integrators, and commercial users alike. By offering distinct private domains, tenants enjoy a dedicated environment where their content and programming are isolated and secure, separate from other users.

Each domain within QL CMS is a self-contained ecosystem, hosting its own network of players in a private and secure environment. This unique feature allows for tailored digital signage management, providing the flexibility and control that modern businesses require.

For network operators and corporations, QL Server’s domain feature delivers an innovative solution to segment users across different regions, departments, or locations. Assigned administrators can create sub-domains and manage user accounts at their discretion without impacting other domains.

QL CMS empowers you with the tools to create a customized and secure digital signage network, fostering collaboration while maintaining privacy. Explore how the QL CMS system can revolutionize your digital signage strategy today.

Domain and user management

User roles and permissions


QL administrators provide a streamlined approach to user rights management within the digital signage network, offering control over the features each user can access. From limited viewing rights to comprehensive administrative privileges that include user creation, QL’s flexibility caters to various needs.

QL Server takes user management a step further with a series of pre-configured user rights, alert profiles, and event profiles. These can be readily assigned to new user accounts, saving time and enhancing security within the digital signage system.

Administrators using QL’s digital signage management software have the freedom to modify existing user profiles or create entirely new ones to match specific requirements. This adaptability is part of what makes QL a trusted solution for digital signage networks across industries.

Explore how QL’s user rights management can provide the precise control and customization your organization needs. Reach out to us today for a personalized solution that aligns with your digital signage goals.

User roles and permissions