Have You Ever Heard Of Brightsign?

Have You Ever Heard Of Brightsign?

Anyone who’s been around digital signage over the last 15+ years will instantly recognize the little purple BrightSign boxes that you plug in the back of your LCD screens. These media player devices are related to the parent company’s Roku digital media players for consumers. BrightSign media players are purpose-built devices that can display multimedia content on any digital signage screen.

BrightSign devices are renowned for their performance and ease of deployment. Their products have been evolving over time and their more recent hardware offerings support the latest video codecs (H.265) and 4K video for a truly immersive experience. For those who need it, BrightSign also offers a comprehensive network management system that lets administrators monitor each device’s health in real-time.


BrightSign offers its own CMS software, but their devices can also take advantage of third-party apps. This is where Navori Labs’ own digital signage software for BrightSign comes into play.

BrightSign SD Card Logo

Navori Labs recently engineered a proprietary media player software that takes full advantage of BrightSign’s hardware capabilities and then combines it with Navori QL’s extensive media management capabilities and smart content programming. The result is a “best of breed” solution that can tackle any challenge, from a single screen LCD installation to a multi-location, cross-country digital signage deployment.

Navori Labs’ QL Player software also lets you integrate BrightSign media players with other devices, including its own QL Stix media players, Android devices, Windows PC based players, and various System-on-Chip (SoC) TVs, providing you with more flexibility for medium to large projects.

When you connect your BrightSign media players to QL, you instantly benefit from advanced features such as multi-layer templates and tickers, data-driven smart content playback and triggering, support for RSS/XML data, social media postings, and Microsoft Exchange/Google Calendar events. You can even create your own QL Server hosted data feeds and publish the results in a template or ticker on any BrightSign powered screen.