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Have You Ever Heard Of Brightsign?

Anyone who’s been around digital signage over the last 15+ years will instantly recognize the little purple BrightSign players that you plug into the back of your digital displays. BrightSign players are purpose-built for digital signage with a commercial-grade operating system. BrightSign solid-state players deliver the absolute highest standard of reliability, exceptional video quality, and sophisticated functionality without the PC hassles. BrightSign’s patented aluminum enclosure offers a sleek look, efficient front and back port access, and an ultra-thin form factor that easily integrates into any digital signage application

BrightSign devices are renowned for their performance and ease of deployment. Their products have been evolving over time and their more recent hardware offerings support the latest video codecs (H.265) and 4K video for a truly immersive experience. For those who need it, BrightSign also offers a comprehensive network management system that lets administrators monitor each device’s health in real-time.

BrightSign XT is the answer for cloud-connected signage applications that demand unsurpassed performance and state-of-the-art technology. This flagship cloud-based platform delivers real-time connected player access and our highest-performing video and HTML processing engine. Power flawless experiences that include True 4K HDR video and enterprise HTML performance for any digital signage challenge. 

Look no further than BrightSign XD for exceptional digital signage on a cloud-based platform that commands attention and includes real-time player control. It delivers stunning videos in True 4K and advanced HTML performance for eye-catching experiences.

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BrightSign offers its own CMS digital signage software, but its devices can also take advantage of third-party apps. This is where Navori Labs’ own digital signage software for BrightSign comes into play.

Navori Brightsign

Navori Labs has developed special player software. It maximizes BrightSign’s hardware capabilities. It combines them with Navori QL’s advanced media management and content programming features. This creates a top-notch solution for digital signage projects. It works for both single-screen setups and complex, multi-location networks.

The Navori Player software can also integrate with various devices. These include BrightSign media players, Navori’s Stix media players, Android and Windows PC-based players, and different System-on-Chip (SoC) TVs. This adds more flexibility for medium to large-scale projects.

When you connect BrightSign media players to QL, you gain access to advanced features. These include multi-layer templates and tickers, intelligent content playback based on data triggers, and support for RSS/XML feeds, social media updates, and Microsoft Exchange/Google Calendar events. You can even create custom data feeds hosted on a Navori Server and display them on any screen powered by BrightSign.

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