Digital Signage for Hotels and Casinos

Digital Signage for Hotels and Casinos

Hotels and casinos understand the benefits of digital signage as it relates to the guest experience.

The use of hotel signage displays was adopted very early in the hospitality sector. Hotels and casinos currently use digital screens in hotel lobbies, restaurants, spas and wellness areas, conference rooms, and in-room TVs.

For example, hotel lobby desks often use digital signage to advertise ticket sales for local shows and events around the property. Many property owners rely on digital signage to deliver information about loyalty programs and guest services as part of the hotel experience.

Successful hotel and casino operators rely on the QL digital signage software for their hotel signage needs. Find out why QL is a perfect solution for the hospitality sector.

Benefits of digital signage in hotels and casinos

  • Use digital displays to help guests feel better about spending time at your property.
  • Promote your loyalty programs and build up key aspects of your brand.
  • Keep hotel guests informed about the latest improvements at your hotel. Help them discover key aspects of your accommodations.
  • Display special messages to welcome groups at events and conferences.
  • Trigger emergency messaging or critical event notices from any smartphone or tablet.

Digital hotel signage is both flexible and smart. Content is automatically displayed based on your own rules. Show any content at a specific time and date, or use tags and display location to ensure you show the right message at the right time.

Change your signage programming as your needs evolve. Add special event notifications in advance and set up content so it expires when it’s no longer needed.

Find out more about QL’s capabilities:

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Save on hotel signage support costs

The QL digital signage solution helps you spend less on technical support. Your IT staff can monitor the state of each QL Player right in QL’s Content Manager user interface. Automated email alerts can also be sent out automatically so technical support personnel can respond as soon as there is an issue.

QL monitors all alerts and events so you are always informed. The Player Monitoring report shows when QL Players receive new content updates and who published the content. You get notified if a player goes offline or when a data feed is no longer accessible.

If a player becomes unresponsive, IT staff can reboot the device without having to use third-party remote management software. Players can be rebooted or reset from Content Manager.

Hotels that use System-on-Chip smart TVs or Navori Labs’ own Stix 3700 media players will also know if a screen is turned off or malfunctions.