Data feed management for digital signage applications

Data feed management for digital signage applications

Easily integrate real-time data feeds into your content

Looking for ways to improve the appeal and engagement generated by your digital signage content? Look no further than real-time data feeds. Live and constantly updated data is the simplest and most effective way to attract and retain the viewer’s attention. 

For example, in corporate environments you should consider adding real-time data like weather forecasts, traffic reports and business news to your digital signage templates. Doing so gives people more reasons to look at your digital displays every day, which makes them far more likely to consume the corporate messaging you want them to.

Navori makes it easier than ever to integrate live data sources directly into your digital signage content. Data Feed Manager is an intuitive and built-in tool that comes standard with the Navori Digital Signage Platform. With Data Feed Manager, you can easily ingest and display the following types of data feeds: RSS, Media RSS, XML, Server Feed, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange Calendar, Facebook, Twitter and more…

QL’s Template and Ticker designer apps apps let you easily integrate any type of data into your template layouts using intuitive drag and drop tools. Use them to display real-time content such as company news, meeting room schedules, upcoming events and business dashboards. You can even create digital menu boards that display information stored in external databases, or delivered from QL Server itself.

Live Departure Template

In Digital Signage, real-time data feeds are considered to be external sources of information and graphics that are stored in your company’s databases, or from third-party data providers. QL Templates can display data in two formats. Individual cells show each record sequentially with customizable transition effects. Data can also be shown in table formats organized in columns and rows. You specify the format and QL does the rest. Information is continuously updated which means your screens will display fresh data without the need for human intervention.

QL Data Feed Manager

How to use rss, media rss, xml, social media and calendar data feeds?

Traditional use of real-time data feeds in digital signage involves adding live data elements into content templates. Today, content managers using QL Digital Signage Software are also able to leverage their data feeds in order to automate their digital signage workflows and content decisions:

You can use data feeds to activate any content based on live events using stored values and rules you create.

You can also use data feeds to trigger one or multiple media items based on live events using stored values and rules you create.

QL GUI Play If

QL supported data feeds

  • RSS, media RSS, and XML. Typically news and weather but can also be data extracted from an ERP, CRM, or any software capable of interacting with a database. Common alerting protocol (CAP) is also supported. Content must be available as alphanumeric data or links to images and videos
  • Social media feeds from Twitter or Facebook that can be filtered by region or by language.
  • Microsoft 365, and Google Calendar data.
  • QL hosted data feeds in table format with cells containing alphanumeric data and images.