Digital Signage for Multiple Displays

QL's digital signage allows you to publish content across multiple displays using only a PC or synchronized devices.

The challenge

When it comes to digital signage, multiple displays used together can be an extremely effective way to communicate information or draw the eye of a consumer. With QL, you can manage your digital signage content across any number of screens to achieve spectacular results. Combine screen orientations, create a video wall, deploy synchronized content – the choice is yours. With our digital signage solutions, you are only limited by your creativity.


Navori QL provides two distinct solutions for multi-display digital installations.

  • Single PC / multi-display digital signage software for your video wall and/or menu board
    • Requires one multi-display compatible Windows PC or QL Stix media player
    • Deliver broadcast quality digital content across multiple screens with ease
    • Manage any type of layout including mixed screen orientations
    • Create content zones that span one or more displays, or extend content across all your screens. Switch from full extended content to individual screen zones on the fly
    • QL Player supports up to four Full HD displays on Windows or Android OS
    • QL Player IPR supports up to 16 displays at Full HD resolution
  • QL multi player synchronization for any type of deployment
    • Play fully synchronized content on any hardware: Windows, Android, Samsung Tizen SSSP, LG WebOS and other system-on-chip (SoC) displays
    • QL offers true content synchronization across different types of media player and display hardware

Use multi-display digital signage and video walls to deploy content in a creative and engaging way.

  • Displays are organized vertically or horizontally to create a large visual canvas.
  • Content can extend across every display or organized in individual zones.
  • Zoned content plays fully synchronized.
  • Data feeds can be overlaid on top of content or in template layouts. Show useful information: weather forecasts, news, sports results and more.
  • Restaurant menus can extend across multiple display screens and include videos and other content.

Use QL Template Designer’s easy to use software to create new layouts that span multiple displays with pixel perfect alignment, full media synchronization and live data feed support. Instantly switch between one content playing across multiple displays and different content playing on each individual screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

For single device, multiple displays:
  • Microsoft Windows PC with multi-head video card
  • QL Stix 4K Android device with daisy chained displays
For multi-player / synchronized content:
  • Microsoft Windows PC
  • QL Stix Android device
  • System-on-Chip displays from supported manufacturers
Video wall / multi-display single PC:
  • Airports: information displays, arrivals / departures
  • Restaurants: menu board, décor / ambiance
  • Financial institutions: mortgage rate, currency rate signage
  • Corporate: office lobby, common areas
  • Retail: feature entrance, back of store
Synchronized players:
  • Large halls: conference room, trade show
  • Open concept spaces in restaurants, retail, corporate offices, financial institutions…

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