Digital Signage Video Walls and Multi-Screen Software

Impress guests and visitors with Navori Labs’ QL video wall signage software. QL is a highly versatile software platform that powers thousands of video walls and multi-screen installations worldwide.

Digital Signage Video Walls and Multi-Screen Software

What is a video wall?

Your typical video wall is made up of digital signage screens mounted on a wall in a grid pattern to create a large visual canvas on which content is shown. Popular configurations use screens installed in a rectangular layout. For example, three screens wide by two screens tall.

However, video walls aren’t limited to a grid pattern. Screens can be mounted in any number of configurations or orientations. The trick behind any video wall is how you publish content across all the screens.

Navori Labs’ QL digital signage software excels at driving video walls and managing the viewing experience. Using QL, you can display content that spans all the screens, content that spans some screens, and content unique to each screen.  QL also supports mixed screen configurations like when connected screens are mounted vertically and horizontally.

Why use QL for your digital signage video walls?

QL supports any type of video walls and content can be organized in any configuration imaginable. Using the software’s Template Designer, staff members can define zones for individual screens, or zones that span multiple screens for attention-grabbing content.

QL lets creative users easily produce high-quality programming for screens of any size or configuration. Content can instantly switch from individual zones to all screens without any hesitation or black screens between transitions. You’re never locked into a single template layout and can modify your templates in minutes.

QL Template Designer is intuitive yet feature rich. It’s the only tool you will need to produce and manage high-quality content for your screens.

QL lets you achieve many scenarios

Play a single content (video or image) across an entire video wall

You treat the entire group of screens into a single virtual display. Using QL Content Manager, drag and drop individual content into a scheduled playlist and publish. A single PC or device running QL Player will then treat the connected screens as a single canvas and the content will span the screens.


Play individual content on each screen

You want to show different videos or a mix of videos and images on individual screens. To achieve this effect, launch QL Template Designer and create a template that spans all the screens. Using the same example as above, create four content zones (playlist or media) that you size and position so each one covers an individual screen. These four zones will each be capable of playing a mix of playlists or media independently.

By default, the template will assume the duration of the longest running content in any zone. Meanwhile, the content in other zones will loop continuously until the template has finished. If you would rather not let the content loop continuously, you can have it pause while the longer running content plays.

Digital Signage Video Walls

Play individual content on each vertical pair of screens.

A video is shown across the two left screens while the two right screens show a series of images. To achieve this effect, launch QL Template Designer and create a template that spans all the screens. Then, you create two zones (playlist or media) that you size and position so each one covers the area of two stacked screens. The content will play independently in each zone. QL lets you even assign transitions between your images for professional results.

Template Maker

Where can I use a video wall?

Video walls have become very popular, and QL’s versatility means anyone can achieve professional results. Investing in a multi-screen installation for your business is no longer a luxury.

Let’s look at popular video wall applications you can create and manage with QL:

Meeting Rooms and Boardrooms

Video walls are making their way into many corporate meeting rooms and boardrooms. They help enhance presentations and provide a more enjoyable experience. Using QL’s Template Designer, individual screens can be configured to display a mix of content to support presentations, and high quality videos can be played across multiple screens.

QL’s native PowerPoint support means you won’t need to convert your presentations, so you can concentrate on honing your message. QL also supports images, videos, PDFs. Simply drag your files over to upload them to QL Server, and then add them to your playlists.

Control Rooms and Operation Centers

Keeping staff informed and ready to act can be a challenge. Operation center video walls running QL let you display unique content across any number of screens. Design your own customized layout to show IPTV streaming video, web pages and live data simultaneously. Effortlessly switch from content that spans all your screens to zoned content.

Trade Shows

Portable video walls are an important part of modern trade show booths. They serve to attract passers-by and let you present your products in a captivating and entertaining way. It’s a great opportunity to use QL Mobile for instant content changes, or to bring up content on demand.

Display promotional videos and inspiring content that informs and captivates. Let QL be the engine that promotes your brand.

QL’s content validity feature lets you pre-program content before important events. After you upload your content, select it’s start and end dates. You can also define specific days or time periods where the content can be shown. When you’re done, drag your content over to a scheduled playlist and it will only play when needed. With validity settings, you don’t need to wait until the last minute to add and program your content.

conference and tradeshow digital signage

Experience Centers

Innovative businesses understand the importance of keeping customers informed about their products and services. Its why corporations invest in video walls for their experience centers. Video walls are the perfect canvas on which to display your company’s ideas and QL is the ideal companion for your project.

QL is a reliable digital signage platform that offers flawless content playback on any number of screens. You can rely on QL to display perfectly synchronized content that engages viewers.

QL Content Manager offers many features that let creative users modify their content within the platform. No need to switch back-and-forth to get work done.

  • Transitions can be assigned to any image. Choose between fades, slides, wipes, zoom and random transitions for creative effect.
  • Shorten your videos by selecting the start/end frames.
  • Crop any content. Select the size of the cropping box and its coordinates to highlight part of an image, video or any other supported content, including web pages.

Office Lobby Signage

They say you never get a second chance to make a good impression, and this starts at the office lobby. Video walls and multi-screen digital signage installations are a great way to upgrade your lobby experience. Best of all, these will help reduce perceived wait times by displaying content that informs and entertains your visitors.

Use QL’s data feed manager to synchronize with any type of live data to enhance your office lobby signage. Display news and information from RSS or XML feeds, social media postings from Twitter and Facebook. You can even display meeting information from your company’s Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendars. Live data can be shown anywhere on screen, or as an overlay across the bottom of your video wall.

A professional video wall running well designed content will also elevate your brand and motivate your staff. With QL running the show, you can be sure your lobby screens will display perfectly synchronized content at all times. No more dark screens and time-consuming service calls.

QL keeps your staff informed about player and screen status in real-time via email notifications and status alerts. Staff can remotely manage your screens without the need for third-party software.

Classrooms and Auditoriums

Video walls and multi-screen installations serve many purposes in the academic world:

  • Deliver attention-grabbing educational content that inspires.
  • Provide a useful backdrop for conference material and speakers.
  • Ensure everyone in the room can see and read the content.
  • Can easily be repurposed for artistic activities or other non-academic events.

QL runs behind the scenes making sure your auditorium digital signage will always be ready regardless of the type of event you have planned. Presentations and multimedia content can be pre-programmed well ahead of time so administrative staff can focus on other tasks.

Notifications and real-time alert messages can be triggered automatically using external data sources (RSS/XML feeds). QL’s APIs also let you integrate the platform with a facility’s alarm system to trigger alerts on any screen.

Donor Walls

Hospitals are increasingly relying on video walls to recognize donors. Installing a video wall in your hospital’s main lobby creates a great opportunity to display content that inspires and recognizes benefactors.

You can use your donor wall to display many types of information:

  • Advertise funding campaigns and sweepstakes.
  • Recognize employees.
  • Promote your hospital’s departments and specialties.

Administrative staff can rely on QL’s user-friendly Content Manager. The user interface is accessible from any web browser so there is no local software to install or maintain. Very little training is required which means your staff can get up to speed and be productive quicker.

Administrative staff control who has access to the system and what users can do while they use Content Manager. For example, staff who manage a facility’s donor wall can be excluded from digital signs installed in other departments. The system is also compatible with Active Directory and Single Sign-On making it easy for people to log in and get working.

QL powers professional Video Wall solutions

Display high-quality content across any number of screens without expensive video wall controllers or specialized hardware. There is no limit to what you can achieve with QL.

QL is the perfect video wall engine

Navori Labs has developed an efficient and reliable player software that delivers high quality results on affordable, off-the-shelf hardware. Use any multi-screen compatible Windows PC or Navori Labs’ own StiX media player device to deliver eye-catching video walls.

Drive standard LED displays or commercial LED boards for very large surfaces. Organize your displays in any orientation or layout to meet your project requirements.

Discover the QL Player add-on specifically designed for ultra-high-resolution screens and extreme video wall installations. QL Player IPR supports H265, 8K video at 60 frames per second on four, 4K screens or sixteen full HD screens from a single PC.

When configured in this way, a single PC can display any supported content. Play your fully synchronized HTML5 content and images across large video wall arrays. No special skills necessary.

Frequently Asked questions

Why use QL for video walls and multi-screen installations?

QL Player features a high-end digital rendering engine that delivers flawless performance across multiple screens. It delivers unrivaled performance on affordable hardware. Navori Labs’ 64-bit IPR software pushes the envelope with 8K video support for your large-scale video wall installations.

What screen configurations does QL support?

You can build any screen layout without restriction. You can even combine different screen orientations, assuming your PC’s video card supports that feature. You can connect a single PC/Android device to multiple screens.

Navori Labs’ StiX can push a 4K signal to multiple daisy chained screens. PCs with multi-screen video cards can send individual signals to each screen.

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