AI-Enhanced Digital Signage Content Automation

Explore the possibilities of AI-driven, smart content automation software. It enables automatic playback of different content based on specific conditions. Whether it's displaying weather-based advertisements or showing emergency announcements, you can create workflows that maximize audience engagement and reduce costs for higher ROI. Experience the power of QL's Digital Signage Software for better engagement and improved results.

Digital signage content automation with QL software delivers dynamic, relevant, and adaptive information to any screen using QL’s smart content rules.

The Content Automation Challenge

Traditional digital signage solutions have long relied on manual input for content updates. Breaking new ground in 2012, Navori introduced content automation in its QL application, a significant leap in digital signage technology. This feature facilitates the inclusion of real-time data feeds, allowing content to be updated as it plays, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Navori’s pioneering approach has set a new standard in automated content management, offering convenience and efficiency.

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The QL Software Solution

Building upon this foundation, Navori further enhanced QL Content Manager by incorporating scenario-based content automation. This feature enables content or programs to trigger based on specific data feed values in real-time.

In 2021, Navori introduced an advanced level of digital signage content automation. This evolution allows data feeds to be sifted through rules and criteria, optimizing content display. For digital menu boards, this means showcasing only available products or filtering information based on performance criteria.

Finally, the third level of digital signage content automation was introduced in 2021, it allows data feeds to be filtered on the basis of rules and criteria. This is used for digital menu boards to display only products available in stock or to filter information on performance criteria.

Examples of QL’s Smart Signage Automation:

QL-managed content and smart automation software enable your organization to adapt to real-time events and external variables without complex programming. For instance:

  • Ads that automatically display based on specific weather conditions, like promoting umbrellas during rain or cold beverages in hot temperatures.
  • Product information is automatically removed from displays as soon as an item goes out of stock, thanks to our content automation platform.

With QL’s digital signage content automation, experience a level of agility and efficiency that manual processes can’t match. QL utilizes diverse data sources, including performance indicators, inventory levels, weather data, sales figures, flight information, and Business Intelligence data. This intelligent system determines the most effective timing and placement for your content, enhancing your SEO potential and streamlining operations for better online visibility.

Say farewell to manual adjustments in dynamic business scenarios. QL’s content automation capably manages all aspects instantly. Set simple rules and let data-driven decisions enhance your business strategies.

data driven triggering rules

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Computer Vision and other live data sources

Navori Labs’ Computer Vision software revolutionizes display networks. It brings AI to the forefront, delivering personalized content in real-time using any webcam. This AI-powered software optimizes viewer engagement and ad revenues through targeted advertising based on individual biometric features.

The software offers dynamic content modification, instant content triggering, and in-depth audience analytics. It elevates your marketing strategy to new heights, making content publishing effortless with scheduled player updates and an auto-update feature. Daily connections between QL Server and each Player ensure prompt processing of unpublished content.

The Navori QL platform is highly interoperable, serving as a leading marketing automation tool. With our APIs, seamlessly integrate QL with various third-party software and hardware, such as motion sensors, temperature sensors, iBeacons, RFID tags, and license plate readers. Automating every QL feature streamlines content sharing, making your network more profitable. Supercharge your display network with Navori Labs’ SEO-friendly Computer Vision software.



In conclusion, Navori’s QL is a great example of using smart content automation software to create a more personalized experience for your customers. By automating content creation and display based on specific triggers, it enhances customer interaction while freeing up resources for other critical business aspects like sales and marketing. This technology represents a significant advancement in content management, streamlining operations and paving the way for more innovative and customer-centric approaches.

Frequently Asked questions

What can digital signage content automation do for me?

Automation can improve every aspect of your digital signage programming and digital marketing apparatus.

  • Deliver content faster and with less manual work
  • Content is more relevant because it is contextual and personalized
  • There is less repetition, so viewers are more engaged
How does Navori QL support content automation?

QL’s rule-based automation can trigger content instantly or add content to any program based on a simple set of rules managed by the user. QL’s Computer Vision software uses AI to perform face recognition and trigger content based on demographic patterns. This is the next generation of content automation marketing.

Does the system provide analytics on smart content automation?

Yes, Navori QL provides real-time analytics and reporting features for every player, display and piece of content. You can also gather insights about audience engagement, content performance, and screen status through the QL platform’s reporting and digital signage analytics tools.

How can using live data improve my digital signage?

Live data enables you to tailor your digital signage content based on specific conditions or user interactions. For example, you can display personalized advertisements or promotions based on demographics, location, or previous purchasing behavior, creating a more targeted and engaging experience for viewers.

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