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Built-in Features for Meeting Room Occupancy

Display the Occupancy Status of your Meeting Rooms

Meeting room occupancy screens powered by Navori cater to the demand for streamlined workplaces by offering real-time updates on room availability, mitigating scheduling conflicts

Increased Productivity

As it provides real-time information on room availability, simplifying the booking process and minimizing interruptions during meetings.

Time Saved on Administrative Tasks

Related to meetings, such as manually updating schedules and handling booking requests.

Identify the needs and pitfalls

Meeting room occupancy screens are crucial for efficient space management in modern workplaces. With the rise of flexible work and collaborative arrangements, these screens offer real-time information on room availability. They reduce meeting conflicts and optimize workspace usage, making them an essential tool in today’s dynamic work environments.

However, deploying such systems can have challenges, particularly in ensuring accurate real-time updates. Delays or technical issues in displaying room availability might reduce the effectiveness of these screens. Navori’s software overcomes these challenges with its Live Data Manager module, which synchronizes real-time meeting room scheduling from Office 365 to screens in less than a second, using push technology based on web sockets.

Why use Screens to Manage Meeting or Conference Room Scheduling?

Show Real-Time Availability to passer-by
Displaying real-time availability of meeting rooms helps passersby quickly identify open spaces for immediate use or future bookings. Navori digital signage software plays a key role here, updating the occupancy status instantly and reducing the time spent searching for available rooms.

Optimize Space Use
Navori software optimizes the use of meeting spaces by showing current occupancy statuses. This helps in reducing idle room time and improves the overall efficiency of space utilization in your organization.

Allow employees to check upcoming meetings
With Navori digital signage software, employees can easily check upcoming meetings room schedules. This feature enhances organizational efficiency by preventing double bookings and ensuring that all meetings proceed smoothly.

Get Insights on your room occupancy
Navori’s software provides valuable insights into room usage patterns. This data is crucial for making informed decisions about space management and can lead to improvements in how meeting rooms are utilized.

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Real-life Use Cases

Screens or tablets installed near meeting rooms
Installing screens or tablets near meeting rooms, powered by Navori software, allows for easy viewing of room statuses. These displays are both informative and convenient, providing up-to-date information right where it’s needed.

Integration with Office 365 meeting room booking system
Navori software integrates seamlessly with Office 365 meeting room booking systems. This integration ensures that the room status on the screens is always current, reflecting the latest bookings and cancellations.

The Screen shows current and upcoming meeting
Screens managed by Navori software display both current and upcoming meetings. This feature keeps everyone informed and helps in planning ahead for room usage.

If the room is not occupied or booked, the screen displays its scheduled content
When meeting rooms are not in use, Navori software allows the screens to display scheduled content, such as company announcements, news, or other relevant information. This feature ensures that the digital signage is always an effective communication tool, even when rooms are not booked.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Navori’s digital signage software offers a comprehensive solution for managing meeting room scheduling. By providing real-time updates, seamless integration with booking systems, and valuable occupancy insights, Navori helps organizations maximize their meeting space efficiency and enhance overall workplace productivity.